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Mar 27, 2007 04:36 PM

Thoughts on the Rainbow Bar & Grill?

I'd love to get some thoughts on what to order... I hear it's a dive, but some people swear by it. What do you think?

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  1. get the chicken soup. Pizza is prety good and so is the spinach salad.

    1. The steaks are good. The double stuffed potatoes are good too. I haven't eaten there in a year or so but it was pretty good.

      1. it has great atmosphere!!! i like the mozzarella sticks, chicken soup, chili, and pizza. it's nothing crazy great - but it's good and it's a fun place during the day (on the patio) and at night (inside & out - if you can get a table).

        1. The pizza is surprisingly (maybe even shockingly) good.

          Friendly but inept service keeps me from going back too often...I would order take out from them, but the parking situation can be really rough.

          1. The pizza is great and unlike ANY other I've tried in LA, as a matter of fact, if anyone knows of a comparable pizza please let me know. Usually eaten with a knife and fork unless completely cooled off (ps great the next day too right out of the fridge) The italian pasta dishes i.e. lasagna and eggplant parm are served in a deep dish baking dish, and are quick good but heavy. Dress like a rock star (or a has-been rock star) and you'll fit right in with the decor. And the prices are VERY reasonable.