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Mar 27, 2007 04:27 PM

Small plates in Seattle?

I am a big fan of places like Sitka and Spruce and Tilth. Good, fresh, NW food, with a variety of small plates to share around. Any other similar places to recommend?

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  1. It's not NW in theme, but my favorite small place restaurant (and a favorite in general) is The Harvest Vine.

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      Bergeo, I second that. Harvest Vine continues to impress me with their innovation. (ie: few things taste like your pre-conceived notions.) Harvest Vine is truly fun with food and a Chowhound destination.

    2. Lark is my favorite small bites place. A lot of non small bites restaurants are starting to offer small plates in addition to regular entree's. I really like that trend.

      1. You can't miss elemental@gasworks. The menu changes weekly with an emphasis on what's fresh and seasonal. Small plates, designed for sharing.

        1. lark and its little sister, licorous are both great for small plates. dinette offers a selection of "toasts" and some of their entrees in small or large portions. tavolata has great starters to share. and i, too, love, love, love the harvest vine.

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            My current favorite places for small plates:

            1. Harvest VIne (Spanish tapas)
            2. Lark
            3. Elemental@gasworks (though this is a long meal with the owner bringing out many wines).
            4. Bricco (Italian inspired wine bar)
            5. The bar at Union

          2. i was impressed with oliver's twist up here in phinney the time i went. good specialty cocktails too. garlic truffle oil popcorn. it was really good. and i'm not much of a popcorn fan.