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Mar 27, 2007 04:18 PM

Jewish Deli in Quebec City/Tadoussac

When I was in Montreal years ago my favorite meals were in delis. Are there any good ones in Quebec/Tadoussac area? Any other recs especially seafood and vegetarian?

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  1. Quebec City and Tadoussac are very different places! In both, you'll have trouble finding a "jewish deli" as there isn't a jewish community to speak of in Tadoussac, and I imagine not much of one in Quebec City. That said, both have good "food cultures" of their own that you should explore. There are others who can offer more detailed comments on Quebec.

    Tadoussac is a tiny little town, largely supported by summer tourist trade and whalewatching. The food offerings were traditionally quite dire, but things have been looking up in recent years. A few years ago, a vegetarian meal was nearly impossible to find (not just in Tad, but the region as a whole), but the tourist trade has resulted in quite an improvement. A few recommendations:

    Café Bohème: right in the middle of town. Lovely shop with the only decent coffee in town (IMHO). Good soups, quiche, salads, etc. A nice spot to linger on the porch and people-watch (if you can get a seat in the busy summer months!).

    La Bolée: high-er end (for a small town) french-style cuisine. Offerings have varied over the years, but you can still get a decent buckwheat crepe, a traditional breton dish.
    Check out the bakery under La Bolée for fresh bread, croissants, sandwiches and baked treats. Try the Quebec specialty of "Tarte au sucre", which translates as "sugar pie".

    Skip the heavily promoted "seafood buffet" at the Café du Fjord in Tadoussac. The best seafood eating in the region is actually in the next town down the road, and definitely worth a trip. The belgian bistro and chocolaterie in Les Escoumins (I can't recall the name, but you can't miss it - on the main drag, bright red sign) was started by a belgian couple who decided to relocate to Quebec. He is the baker, patissier and chef and wife Else manages the front of house and makes the delicious chocolate confections. Their various mussel dishes are enormous and delicious (and come with fantastic fries), and other seafood is excellent as well (their "Salade Neptune" is a personal favourite). You won't be able to leave without eating a delicious desert, and picking up some chocolate in the adjacent shop for the drive home (if it lasts that long).

    If you're driving between Quebec and Tadoussac, the Carlevoix region has a constantly expanding food culture. Check out for ideas on where to stop. A personal favourite is "Le Surouêt" in Les Éboulements, where you can sit on the lovely veranda and stare off into the distance while you enjoy your meal.