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Mar 27, 2007 04:01 PM

Absolute Best Fish and Chips

Will be in London next week for a couple of days and my husband, who is an avid fish and chips fan but has never been to England to try the best, would like to have the very best. So, where are the best?

Also, any other suggestions for "must go" restaurants - going to Nahm, but any other suggestions would be appreciated. Italian, Indian, Asian...cuisine doesn't matter, only the quality of the food.


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  1. Although F&C is London is a pale imitation of what you get up North, there are a few places that are worth visiting

    The Golden Hind in Marylebone Lane

    Masters Superfish in Waterloo

    The Rock & Sole Place on Endell St ( Covent Garden ) although I have not been for a while

    The Golden Chip Shop on Farringdon Rd.

    People speak highly of Two Brothers ( a bit out of the way ) and also of Seafresh in Victoria but I have not tried them

    Recent meals at Faulkner's and Fish Central were poor and one at The Sea Shell in Lisson Grove was actively vile.

    I would choose one of the first two


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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Nautilus in West End Lane, West Hampstead is terrific. Call ahead and order it fried in egg and matzah meal.

      1. re: Simon Majumdar

        The Rock & Sole Place was still good a few months ago (but then I think I'm less of an expert : ). I also read a review of The Narrow that praised their fish & chips (and then you can go to a new hot spot and have good F&C).

        Must go to pub (for lunch or dinner) is the Anchor & Hope, and I also love The Wapping Project -- an amazing space (old power station) and consistently great food. A bit out of the way but worth it.

      2. Second the Golden Hind in Marylebone Lane, and also Geal's in Notting Hill.

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        1. re: fifi

          The Fryer's Delight - Theobalds Road, Holborn - can't be beaten!!

          1. re: Gastro Al

            I hate to say, but recent visits to The Fryer's Delight have not been too good, unfortunately.

            I used to be a big fan, but the last time I ate there, the F&C we greasy and soggy.


            I would still go to Golden Hind or Masters Superfish for my fix


            1. re: Simon Majumdar

              if you can stomach a (brief) journey to south london, something fishy in lewisham opposite the market is worth a visit. the f&c are good (ask for your fish to be cooked to order), and the atmosphere is fantastic. lots of pat butcher-esque counter ladies making crude remarks to the market tradesmen, and a cross section of just about every class/ethnic/age group enjoying the food.

              1. re: wleatherette

                It's not open in the evenings though - or is that all mis-information? It's certainly not been open when I've gone passed.

                1. re: ali patts

                  good point. i think they close by 6pm.

                2. re: wleatherette

                  If you can bear to head south there are a couple of interesting possibilities: south west has Brady's in Wandsworth used to be (a year or so ago) really excellent, and Fish Club on St John's Hill (v near Clapham Jct station so easy to get to). South east there's Olley's at Herne Hill - excellent, fresh fish in a very odd but charming venue, or Sea Cow in East Dulwich or Clapham, which many people rave about but I have found somewhat less than inspiring.

          2. A place I can heartily recommend is J Geales in Farmer Street, Notting Hill Gate.

            I took an American friend there last summer who, like you was looking for an outstanding Fish And Chips Experience. It made me proud to be British and a Londoner!

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            1. re: loobcom

              Have they reopened yet?
              I know they were closed for a while and then bought by Gary Hollihead. I am not sure if they are open again yet


            2. Im not really up on the fish and chips scene lately but highly recommend:

              Amaya (Knightsbridge): Upscale indian grilled snacks, go for lunch and share a variety of dishes, definitely the grilled oysters are worth a taste

              St.Johns, or St.Johns bread and wine (Smithfields, Spittafields): Spectacularly delicouse meaty english food, in an informal atmosphere, great bread and desserts as well. Try the marrow bones, and the crispy pigs jowl, and everything else.

              ZenW3 (Hampstead High street): Upscaleish chinese food, I love this place, especially crispy aromatic duck. Great use of fresh chilis here in the prawn with chilis and garlic. They have an unreal lunch special, where if you can eat as much as you want, and as long as nothing is left on your plate it only costs around 10 quid I believe.

              Borrough Market (Tower Bridge): Excellent open air market, with artisanal products from all over england, and beyond, spend some time wandering, and eating.