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Mar 27, 2007 03:43 PM

Miracle BBQ (Korean?) in the SFV: anyone been yet?

Good day... I drive daily thru the interesection of Magnolia and Sepulveda, and in the micro-spot just to the south of that intersection is new signage proclaiming: Miracle BBQ; an adjacent banner also says 'Korean', so I am assuming the two signs are related. Anyone been? From the road, the spot looks tiny, but if its' chow-worthy, I'd like to know the story. Thanks!

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  1. I asked about it a few weeks ago, but nobody had tried it. Someone responded that it used to be Miracle pastry and coffee and the menu has a mix of BBQ and Mediterranian items. I'm not sure about Korean, though.

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      Hi... Sure enough, the adjacent sidewalk board/banner at Miracle BBQ says 'Grand Opening Korean BBQ' or something to that effect. I may pop my head in and see what's what...

    2. I responded to an older thread, but I had said: I live in Sherman Oaks, and I always passed by it. So, I stopped by randomly, and got the the Korean BBQ (Galbi). It's REALLY good. The prices aren't too bad considering galbi in Koreatown usually is around $20 an order. They also have kabobs and burgers -- a huge array of food. I would recommend it to other people for sure!

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        Hi, and thanks for doing the tasty research! Will definitely check it out now (especially since it's right next to the liquor store that stocks the hard-to-find *banana* flavoured moon pies, individually wrapped yet slightly chewy and stale, as is my preference :-)

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          Can you give some idea of what the prices are? What do you get with the galbi?

          Frankly, it sounds pretty bizarre is it has galbi, kabobs and burgers. Restaurants that try to have that many disparate types of food usually succeed in having nothing very good.

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            For a plate of 3 slabs of short ribs, shrimp fried rice, and a side salad, it was around $8. For that much at a regular Korean restaurant can go into the 20s range. I had the same impression of having such a big range of food on the menu would be bad, but so far, it's been pretty impressive. Too bad it's sort of hidden, and not as many people know about it. I've told a few friends about it, and I call it the "fast-food Korean joint" -- but I suggest calling in your order.

            Hope this helps some.