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Mar 27, 2007 03:41 PM

ISO quiet place for drinks -- 57 St.

I'm meeting a good friend for drinks in midtown (57 St. & Fifth) after work. I'd like some place where it's quiet (so that we can hear each other). Any suggestions? TIA :)

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  1. Paper Moon Milano Express - 60th and Madison. Normally very quiet.

    1. Check out ahead for a table. Nice atmosphere, relatively quiet (for an after-work bar) and good size drink selection. 57th betw Park and Lex.

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      1. re: LFeinberg

        Another great place is the bar at The Regency Hotel on 63rd and Park. Great drinks and snacks!

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          Le Colonial on 57th and Lexington or Mandarin Oriental Lounge

      2. the bar at Four Seasons is usually very quiet. The crowds are very "sophisticated" ;)

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          I wouldn't recommend Opia because it can get a little loud depending on how busy it is. I would say the Four Seasons bar, or Le Colonial upstairs, it is quiet there.