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Mar 27, 2007 03:28 PM

Pasta Freska?

So I'm driving on Westlake and for the 800th time I pass by Pasta Freska. I'm just curiuos about this place and wonder if anybody has been there? I don't know anybody that has and it seems to have been there forever. What gives?

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  1. I've been a few times, albeit not in the last year or so.

    Mike's the owner, he's a hoot. For dinner, they do a "no menu" kind of set up. Mike comes around and asks your dislikes/food limitations and then starts bringing out dishes. There are a few standards (grilled eggplant app, seafood fettucini in a light red sauce) but he mixes that in with what is fresh and available. Each of the portions are relatively small, and the average meal there is probably 6 courses. Food is Italian based, not necessarily traditional, and finishes up with dessert and a baileys and cream.

    The meal is surprisingly affordable for how long it takes and the quality of the food. I think a dinner will run about $35 w/o wine.

    1. I actually just reviewed Pasta Freska earlier today on - check out for all of the reviews. It's well worth a visit.

      My review (an exact copy):
      "As the other reviewers for Pasta Freska on Judy's Book have stated, Pasta Freska is unique in the Seattle area; you walk in, are asked about your food likes and dislikes, and out comes course after course of food.

      * Price was great - I got 6 courses or so, and my other diner had 5 - she was too full to accept one of the pasta courses! $20 a person or so was the cost for all of this food - well worth it.
      * Wine was well chosen - Tuesday nights are half-priced wine night, and we were lucky enough to be there on a Tuesday, so we got lucky there.
      * Very vegetarian friendly - I told him I was a vegetarian, but did eat salmon or halibut; so that's what I got - all veggie meals, except for one halibut dish. He had a couple of other things in mind in case I didn't eat fish, so a full vegetarian should be good to go here.
      * Eggplant appetizer was great... Others mentioned having this as well; I wonder how often they repeat?
      * Pasta dishes were very tasty; it's not high-scale Italian, but a nice middle ground.

      * There were only 5 or so tables in the place, but after the initial likes/dislikes conversation, I felt like Mike was focused on other tables rather than ours; we got good attention from the waitress though, so it worked out.
      * Too much food!
      * You have no idea what the prices will be until you see the bill at the end of the meal. So if you are very budget conscious, I'd ask them first.

      In the end, I very much enjoyed eating here; it wasn't as fancy as I had envisioned, but it's unique, the food good, and the price is right. I'd love to come back with 4 people; I think the no-menu idea would likely work even better with a slightly larger group than just 2 of us."