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Mar 27, 2007 03:21 PM

Favorites at Komi and other suggestions?

Hello all,
I'll be visiting D.C. this weekend (from Philly) and celebrating an anniversary at Komi on Saturday night. Any suggestions on what to order from the current tasting menu
(can be found at

Other potential items on the agenda:
Friday dinner at Etete
Drinks at the Hotel Washington terrace
Le Bon Cafe or Teaism around the cherry blossoms
Brunch at the Tabard Inn

Would love to hear other suggestions.

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  1. I love Komi, but haven't been there for this menu. Teaism is one of my favorite spots, but i would suggest the Dupont location (the other two - Penn Quarter and Lafayette are quite as good). La Bon Cafe is another great spot - the chicken curry salad sandwich is great. If you like salmon, try the salmon ochazuke Teaism...fabulous! Also, if you are on Capitol Hill around brunch Belga on 8th St, SE has a terrific brunch (i believe Sat as well as Sunday). Another great dinner spot is Palena in Cleveland Park and Asia Nora (Dupont/G'town). Have fun!

    1. a sandwich at le bon is, IMO, better than lunch at teaism when it's warm out. However, DO go to teaism for a refreshing (and very fresh) iced tea and ginger scones or a cookie.

      Otherwise, your weekend sounds good - but I've never been to Komi cuz it's not real veg friendly.

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      1. re: Jeserf

        As a veg I have been there many times. As long as you let them know before hand (when you make the reservation) Komi can accomodate you.

        1. re: gooseterp

          what type of stuff did they have?

      2. For Komi I heard the suckling pig was pretty good, but it's too bad they no longer have the white tuna wrapped in speck. Oh my gawd. That was so good.

        I say yay to Le Bon Cafe before Teaism any time. The last couple of times I've been to Teaism I keep on thinking why do I keep on coming back when the food is usually bland, the kim in their bento box is not roasted, and the bubble tea is god awful. If you don't mind spending about five dollars more for lunch, I say just walk across the street from Teaism and get some lunch at Cafe Atlantico.

        FYI, make sure to get reservations for Tabard Inn if you do plan on going.

        1. Small world...I'll be visiting D.C. from Toronto this weekend and intend to have drinks at the Hotel Washington, dinner at Komi and brunch at the Tabard Inn as well.

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          1. re: Kurtz

            Kurtz, Would love to hear how your meal was being I'm going in the near future.

          2. Enjoy etete, I love that place! If you look up teaism on chowhound you will read all the raves about the salty oat cookies. The rumors are true; they are great. My friend recently went to Komi and raved about the parpadelle with baby goat ragu. The goat (for two) also comes highly recommended. Also, the bronzi mi harti is a whole fish dish that has been a staple on the menu.