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Mar 27, 2007 02:53 PM

Crown/Prospect Heights suggestions

Hi -

I'm moving to the Crown Heights/Prospect Heights neighborhood (for reference, I'm moving about 5 blocks north of the Brooklyn Museum - St. Marks and Classon).

I'm vegetarian and relatively low-budget. What's good in the neighborhood? Any halfway decent groceries (I'll be getting a bike, so this is not a huge issue)? I like all types of food, so local ethnic is great too.


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  1. I live on Eastern and Classon, and have been in this area for about 4 years. There are lots of small West Indian places around, and not too much else.

    There's a great new Mexican place (real, authentic, fresh ingredients, no burritos, awesome tacos) called Chavella's on Classon somewhere around Park.

    The Islands is the best West Indian place around (there are plenty) - a few veggie options but not tons - it's on Washington between Eastern and Lincoln.

    Tavern on Dean is on Underhill and Dean - not too far from you. It's a decent pub. Nice atmosphere. The food is fine - nothing exciting but reliable.

    A newish Korean place on Vanderbilt and - I think - St. Marks. I haven't been yet but plan to check it out.

    And - I know you asked for low-budget, but Aliseo on Vanderbilt (somewhere near Prospect) is a really lovely Italian place with a great wine/cheese selection, homemade pastas, etc. But alas, not cheap.

    As far as groceries, I get my produce at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer's market on Saturdays whenever possible. Otherwise, I shop at the closest supermarket on Washington (Eastern and Lincoln), which is fine, but not great.

    welcome to the hood!

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      Gen is a rightfully popular Japanese place in the neighborhood -- located on the corner of St. Marks and Washington.

      Both dinner and weekend brunch are quite good.

      They have veg options like vegetable tempura and tofu dishes, plus vegetarian maki (sushi rolls) on menu.

    2. I agree with all the other recs, especially Chavella's and Sushi Gen. There is also Deacon Blue, on the corner of Prospect Place and Grand. They have a couple of great veggie pasta specials.