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Mar 27, 2007 02:39 PM

Solo dining in west London?


I am going to London for a few days by myself. I live in West Africa where the food selection is limited at best. I want to eat, eat and eat the best London has to offer for the duration of my stay, under a 40 pound per meal price. I am especially eager to eat any European food, Thai, Chinese or Japanese. I can get decent Lebanese/Middle Eastern and Indian food where I live so am less eager on that fare. I lived in London as a student and am happy to travel a bit to get to a good restaurant but would prefer to stay within west London (hotel is near Harley Street as my travel is for medical purposes). I would be especially interested in any recs for solo dining!

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. I'll get more specific. At the moment I'm most eager for dim sum and Thai, maybe Polish or Eastern European food too, and some wholesome, British or continental dishes, healthy, hearty fare. What is the best of W1 and its surroundings? Are there any that are suitable for solo diners?

    I've read about China Tang for dim sum and am wondering if it's worth the money. I've lived in Hong Kong and like good dim sum but it doesn't have to be high end to make me happy. Are there any good Thai, Malaysian/Indonesian, Japanese spots within a half hour of Harley Street?

    Someone, please give me some solo dining recs. I've searched the previous posts and the responses on solo dining have been sparse.

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      Most restaurants in London are fine for solo dining so you should just look for the type of restaurant you want.

      Also, Harley St is very central and you can get quite a way either side of London in half an hour on the tube so you have practically the whole city to choose from.

      Closer to you, you have Gaylords on Mortimer St for good Indian food and you are also a short walk from Marylebone which has many offerings including the Fish & CHips at The Golden Hind and the more eclectic offerings of Union Cafe.

      You are a short walk from Soho, Mayfair and Fitzrovia and there are plenty of places there if you do a search for those areas.

      China Tang is enormously expensive for what is on offer and the quality fo the Dim Sum is not a patch on Hakkasan which still remains the best in town IMHO. You are a close walk to Royal China on Baker St which is at the top of the next division of Dim Sum places.

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        I have read about Hakkasan and would like to try it. Do you need reservations for lunch? Also, do you have any Vietnamese recs? Just standard but tasty pho? How about Thai? Please tell me more!

    2. Abeno and Abeno too (by the British Museum and Leicester Square) do fun Japanese okonomiyaki savory pancakes that are made before you on a hot grill. There's a large bar-like set up at the one in Leicester Square which makes for good people- and food-watching, always nice when solo. And they're delicious.

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        Just read about Abeno and Abeno too and hope to hit this spot as well. Sounds great. Thanks for the rec. Anything else you think worth the visit?