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Mar 27, 2007 02:32 PM

Sushi and Oysters in Vancouver

Hi - I'll be visiting Vancouver this weekend and would like to have amazing sushi (looking for both high end or low end in terms of pricing) as well as a place for oysters.

We are staying downtown on Robson Street, somewhere around that area would be great but will travel for great food.


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  1. Oysters - Rodney's on Hamilton St in Yaletown. They have lots of different fresh shucked and the best pan frieds I have ever tasted.

    1. i'd second the Rodney's recommendation.
      sushi at Samurai on Davie is good, it's not fnacy and lined up at the usual meal times - but try the izakaya places, more ambience, more flavours, just plain good and what i miss most about vancouver after moving to calgary. One of the Guu locations, Hapa Izakaya on robson, the new one on denmann clsoe to robson (sorry can't remember the name), gyoza king on robson....

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      1. re: pants

        Very good recs.
        Go early if you go to the Guu, there is always a lineup!

        1. re: jewels_vancouver

          Would not DO Samurai - very poor quality. Cheap in price, lacks atmosphere and the food is so so. For SUSHI I would do any of the following:
          -Aji Sai (1st choice overall best food, service & price)
          -Yoshi on Denman
          -Yuji (west 4th)
          -Octopus Gardan (Kits beach)
          -Kibune (Kits beach)

          Guu is great, they do NOT serve sushi but would go if you ahve the chance. Outstanding food, wonderful atmosphere and reasonable prices.

          1. re: JWh

            yes, samurai stinks.
            I second all of JWH's recommendations.

      2. a somewhat more traditonal Japanese menu/format-outstanding.

        Japanese Sushi bars are where I've had some of the the best Oysters ever.

        Rodneys has some excellent offerings but the pounding music and frat boy antics of the servers wear thin quite quickly. for something calmer

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        1. re: Sam Salmon

          joe fortes is full of swarmy, drunken business men and average food. in vancouver there are so many other places to eat and drink that are worth the money.

        2. i had a lovely meal at Hapa Izakaya a year ago...not sushi, but excellent sashimi and izakaya dishes in a fun space...

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          1. re: Simon

            I would definitely try Sakae Sushi on Thurlow, near Alberni (downstairs). Very authentic and they have great lunch specials.