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shamrock shakes in SF?

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okay, laugh it up good, but i been jonesing for a mickey d's shamrock shake. problem is i can't find one and march is almost over, eek. is there a mcdonald's in or near san francisco where they have em? maybe one on the way to tahoe?

these mcd's locations don't have it:
* stonestown
* ocean ave (near ccsf)
* daly city (between kukje market and in-n-out)
* mission st (between daly city and boosvoni & pollo supremo) - strangely they did still have the eggnog shake which i bought in desperation (not very eggnoggy but it did taste sorta french vanilla-y in a mcd's kinda way).

(this won't have to be split this into 3 different threads or something, will it?)

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  1. That's so funny. A few years back I was telling someone about the mickey d's shamrock shake and they had no idea what I was talking about. Couldn't find one back then and it was around st patty's day. I wonder if they still have them? Has it gone the way of the fried apple pie?

    1. No. Even the places that carried them last year didn't this year. It is a decision made by regional offices. Some areas in the country carried it. The Bay Area didn't.

      Here was my link on the Chains board with a response I received back from McDonald's corporate. The regional office never contacted me. If you want to see it in the Bay Area be sure to contact the regional office. Get all your freinds to write in too. Pretend its an election year. Have dead people vote too.

      I am extremely bitter over this. I NEEDED my yearly Shamrock shake fix. I have the McJitters from Shamrock shake McWithdrawal ... after a year the fix wears off. How much does it cost to carry some mint syrup for a month?

      I mean, come on, the place is called McDonald's ... they can't carry a St Patricks Day shake once a year.

      1. shamrock shakes havent been available in nyc for years, but THEY AR AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

        (they are disguised as the "Shrek Mint Shake", but they aren't fooling me).

        you can probably get them in SF now too.

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          No they are NOT the same.

          More here on the Shrek Dreck shake (aka the Listerine shake) that is spearment and not creme de menthe and has a more brownish tone to the green to match the color of Shrek's skin (shudder).

          The shake is worse than the movie if that is possible. Ask me how I really feel about it. I'm still bitter they excluded the Shamrock shake this year in the Bay Area.

        2. Why don't you guys go to some place like Burger Depot in Albany/El Cerrito. They have a full ice cream palor attached and will make a shake in any flavor/any combo for you.

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          1. re: ML8000

            Good tip ... even if they don't have a drive-thru. I guess I'll work off a calorie or two climbing out of the car and walking in.

            Are there other places that will make shakes in any flavor? I think Lombardi's in Petaluma might.

            1. re: ML8000

              sorry. it's not the same. those places lack the processed chemicals and liquified plastic that make shamrock shakes the magical green treats we remember as children.