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Dinner/Happy Hour for a 1?

It is my first time visiting NYC and I will be getting in Thursday and have the day by myself until my friends arrive around midnight.
Looking for a nice place to get a meal at the bar of a restaurant (maybe for happy hour)
I am in my mid/late twenties and money really isn't an issue. I am thinking somewhere in Midtown or South but am open to all suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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  1. There are so many places to choose from that it would help narrow things down if we knew what cuisines you prefer. Also, do you want a very casual place or something a bit fancier?

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      I like everything but I am going to try and go to Pearl Oyster Bar for lunch so maybe not seafood oriented. Not Mexican or BBQ. I would like a place with serious food but a fun atmosphere since I will be dining alone.

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        Good choice! Enjoy your time in NY.

        1. re: LFeinberg

          In that case, check out: Kittichai or 5 Ninth.

    2. Check out: Lure Fishbar, Agave, Barrio Chino, Kittichai, Japonais, Pipa

      1. The bar at Babbo might be good for you.

        1. Hi jturtle,

          If money and location isn't an issue, then I will suggest Bar at the Modern. It is located in MoMA so you can hit the museum at the same time. The food is delicious and too expensive. Decor is also terrific, great for young adults to hang out.

          1. the bar at gramercy tavern.

            1. Lots of places have communal tables which are nice for solo diners - I know Salt does, and I'm sure other people can come up with plenty suggestions.

              1. Spice Market on W. 13th in the Meat Packing District has a long bar adjacent to the kitchen for solo or walk-in diners. It's an interesting place to sit because you get to watch the sous-chefs flip, press, sear, shape. Not everyone likes Spice Market's food, but I've always enjoyed it. I usually order three or four selections off the appetizers menu. They also have some obscure and interesting wines.

                For something a little more northerly, my go-to place when the SO is away on a business trip and I don't feel like cooking for one or ordering in, is the bar at Pair of 8s. The food is good, not brilliant, and the wine list is strong. But most importantly, the bar tender there is a very nice human being and good to talk to.