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Mar 27, 2007 01:35 PM

Asian fusion in Houston?

My husband and I are going to Houston for the weekend, and would love to go to an upscale (but not too stuffy) asian fusion restaurant. We live in Austin, where the best asian restaurants are traditional thai or japanese, and usually small casual family run places (with the exception of Uchi). Can someone recommend a lively asian themed restaurant - something with an asian-latin style, asian-french or even a modern vietnamese - where we can have a special-occasion type of dinner? I am not too concerned about the cost since it will be our only splurge for the weekend. Thanks!

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  1. I can't really think of an "upscale" one although I am sure there is. I like Mo Mong on Westheimer and it is a fun place. Golden Room is also good and more quaint. Both are located in the Montrose/Upper Westheimer area. Azuma is sushi and really good... the one in the Rice Village seems better than the downtown location in my opinion. Just some ideas.......

    1. China View on the katy freeway, it isn' really upscale but the food is really good and contemporary.
      Cafe La Jadiete on w gray is one of the most beutiful restaurants in Houston. Its asian/european I guess. There are some traditional sounding dishes but they are all prepared first class.
      Benjy's seemed to have some asian inspiration. Its been years since I have been but I always had good meals. Its a contmporary room.
      Bank downtown at the Hotel Icon might be a good choice. Jean George V took his name or had his name taken off the p-lace. I ate there once and it is very asian inspried. The food was good. This would fit your description the best but I can't say for sure how the food will be now?

      1. Rickshaw on Westeimer, near Kirby has pretty decent food and a good atmosphere:

        Another place that I am a huge fan of but doesn't really fit into the classic "Asian" fusion is Indika -- it is a contemporary Indian restauarant with menu items you won't find anywhere else in Texas.

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          I just have to second Bhutani. I love Rickshaw! Food is awesome. I haven't personally been to Indika but I have friends who love it and say is is fantastic!

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            I LOVE Indika and it was favorite restaurant last year. I didn't see the bill but I hear it was a little pricey, but it was so amazing and every detail and flavor were just spot-on. I absolutely love the owner and her wonderful food philosophy and tecniques.

          2. 9 out of 10 times, the food at Indika is brilliant. For me, Indika does not pop into my head when asked about Asian fusion, but it certainly is very interesting & original.

            You might also consider Kubo's in Rice Village. They are really a Japanese place but have a number of fusion rolls, often very spicy. They also have anumber of entrees usinf Japanese ingredients prepared in a European style.

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              Another higher end restaurant serving new American food but with a definite Japanese slant is Noe in the Omni hotel (not far from the Galleria). The executive chef is Robert Gadsby who was on a recent episode of Iron chef.