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Mar 27, 2007 12:58 PM

good burritos around newton/needham??

My husband and I lived in Brookline and Cambridge for many years and loved Ana's Taqueria, and the other burritos places around there. We can't seem to find anything good in the 'burbs. :-( Can you recommend something around Newton/Needham? Thanks!

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  1. Waltham is not too far, and has one of my favorite authentic Mexican taquerias in Greater Boston: Tacqueria El Amigo on Willow Street, a little hole in the wall, cheap and amazing. I've only had their tacos, never burritos, which are more of a border-food thing, I guess. I know that Carl's on Prospect St in Waltham also does burritos, but I've only done their cheesesteak subs, which are excellent.

    Here's a food blogger who covers the Newton area; I can't vouch for her stuff, but you might get some ideas there: She has good things to say about a place called Acapulco in Newton Highlands, but that's from December '05. I guess she went on hiatus at some point but is posting regularly again.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Acapulco is a chain, and not a very good one at that. Think Border Cafe.

      I worked in Needham rigfht off 128 for 8 years and found the majority of the food offerings (particularly Latin food) to be on the weak side.

      1. re: Dax

        I'll second the "stay away from Acapulco". Pretty much industrial Mexican.

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        Carl's burritos really aren't burritos, they are cheesesteaks wrapped in a tortilla with salsa.

        El Amigo makes an ok burrito I guess - but they are more of traditional meat/refried bean tex/mex type, not the rice, choice of bean, cheese, lettuce, guac, sour cream, salsa, etc. type you find at anna's. Their tacos are pretty good though.

        Occassionaly I enjoy the bbq burritos at blue ribbon.

      3. Tango Mango in Newton center is good. They seem to be a little more expensive that Anna's, Boca or El Pelon. I guess the rents a little higher.

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        1. re: psc109

          Second the Tango Mango recommendation, though I haven't been there for a few months.

          1. re: nsenada

            Mango Tango isn't bad, the meat selections are better (and I think fresher) at Ana's and Boca Grande IMO. There's also Sol Azteca in Newton Centre, nice atmosphere and good food, though it would be more expensive that MT or Ana's or Boca.

        2. Acapulcos is horrid. Been there half a dozen times, each time worse than the next.

          Someone needs to take the empty Zathmarys in needham and turn it into an Anna's! When we're craving mexican.... we make it ourselves (kind of sad..but no good options in Newton/Needham area. ) Sol Azeteca is ok for higher end...but if you just want a quick burrito....forget it.

          1. A little dust has gathered on these burritos - but I was wondering if anyone's tried the "Burrito Dave's" cart that I saw parked over by Trader Joe's?

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            1. re: nsenada

              It's very good. It won't impress if you judge against taco trucks in other cities, but another great street food addition to the Boston area.

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                where is this truck? on Highland ave?


                1. re: SeaSide Tomato

                  I've always seen it on Highland across the street from the Needham Hts train station, near Trader Joe's.

                  Trader Joe's
                  1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476