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Mar 27, 2007 12:47 PM

Jellyfish salad...where do YOU buy it?

My grandfather used to buy awesome jellyfish in Chinatown for family celebrations. He has passed on now and I've been trying to find a store that sells good jellyfish. I am clueless in Chinatown, so I asked my mom to try to find it. Unfortunately all the ones she buys just don't have the right flavor or consistency. Too sweet, not crunchy, etc.. Does anyone have suggestions of where they buy their favorite jellyfish salad, preferably in Chinatown?

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  1. In the past we have usually gotten jellyfish at NY Noodletown. They serve it on cabbage with a bit of sesame oil. Don't ask me why but it's my 11 year old daughters favorite thing on the menu!

    1. any general asian grocery store will carry packages of cooked/prepared jelly fish. you just open, drain, and season it. VERY tasty, i love that stuff