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Mar 27, 2007 11:53 AM

El Delfin - Costillas De Puerco en Rojo

Had an awesome dish at El Delfin on 24th last weekend. Pork ribs in a red sauce. Meaty chunks of pork ribs, which were quite tender, swimming in a red spicy sauce. The red sauce (made with Pasilla peppers the chef told me) was complex and spicy. It wasn't quite *hot* enough for me, but tapatio did the trick. Others had chicken mole. Enchiladas with mole. And filet of fish with creamy garlic sauce. All was very good. have been there 4 times recently, and it's always been solid. I think the specials are the way to go. The lady running the front of the house (owner and chef's wife) said the red sauce (and the mole) were her mother in law's recipe.

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  1. Thanks for the report! Personally, I think El Delfin just might be the most solid Mexican sit-down place in the City right now, if not even the immediate bay area...Fruitvale, watch out! :-)

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      Has it ever been written up outside of chowhound? The last two times I've tried to go it's been closed. Once was a Saturday night when they closed up due to lack of bussiness. I agree with you, love El Delfin, and would hate to see it go. I think some good press might do them a lot of good.

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        I think they have some kind of "Best of" designation on the wall from SF Weekly or the Guardian. I absolutely love this place and go at least a couple of times a month.

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          There's always participating in the Zagut survey to try to get it in that book.

          Maybe send an email to Patricia Unterman or the Chronicle's food editor for consideration for bargain bites. Though it gets a few positive reviews there's no feeding frenzy over on yelp either.

          Looking at the menu on menupages, it seems they have a molcajete, which I'm always interested in. Anyone tried it? Do you know if they make their own gelatina or is it just the stuff in plastic cups you can buy at the market?

          Menu link

          If all else fails, just keep it in chow radar by posting. Finally caught my attention this time.

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            We had the molcajete at the chowdown there -- here's a report with pictures:

      2. I had that same dish and loved it. Also had the filete with lemon caper butter which was out of this world. Anjelica is a dream. They are from Guanajuato. I love this place! I think it does close early if there's no business though -we saw it closed around 830 one Fri night.

        1. I continue to be impressed by this place. was there last week and the fish in creamy garlic sauce keeps getting better and better. the sauce was a darker shade of yellow this time and was just terribly complex and creamy and flavorful. the mole served with the tamales was pretty darn good too. it's consistently one of the top mexican joints in the city.

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            I had the caldo de pollo for lunch a few months ago and it was very ordinary. The version at La Quinta on Mission is much better - deeper flavor to the broth, chicken tasty and tender, and vegetables that actually have taste. Better tortillas too. La Quinta only does the caldo de pollo on Tuesdays.

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              i thought the caldo de pollo at el delfin was quite good. the broth reminded me of my mothers chicken soup, just clean chicken flavor with overtones of celery.

              i agree with you on the tortillas. that's my one complaint with the restaurant, that they don't make their own tortillas.

          2. Four of us tried El Delfin last night. Two had the enchiladas with mole, one had the pork chop special noted in the window, and the other had the fried fish. Next time I would probably order a shrimp dish. My chicken enchiladas with mole were good, but certainly no better than I've had in many restaurants. Husband did not like the pork chops and the person with the fried fish said she "might go back" to the restaurant. The fish (red snapper) was very dry. I actually did not like the free chips, salsa, or the hot tortillas served along with the meal. The hostess/main waitress was very, very nice. It took us forever to get out of there because she was supervising the whole show, including the cash register, and she was very busy. We had to wait for the check for a long time. I don't know, folks. I was pretty disappointed after having high expectations.

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              I tried the pork chops there when I went with my parents in February. I was kind of disappointed too. I wrote:

              "I ordered a special of pork chops in salsa verde, which according to the server, was a recipe from her grandmother. The sauce, made with tomatillos and several spices, almost tasted like an Indian curry. The pork chop was good but not great, but the sauce was very good. I didn’t like it as much as the shrimp dishes though."


              Definitely do try the shrimp dishes....shrimp al ajillo and shrimp with chipotle sauce are both excellent.

              Dave MP

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                Yeah, their specialty is the mariscos. You should try some of the dishes recommended in other posts on CH.