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Mar 27, 2007 11:50 AM

Best spring rolls? (The food, not the "restaurant".)

Anyone have any suggestions where I can get some of Toronto's Thai-style best vegetarian spring rolls? (I say Thai because I can't have MSG and it's rare that Thai use it.) I'm looking for crisp, flaky exteriors packed with a variety of vegetables, served with a lively, tangy sauce. Preferably not costing a fortune for tiny portions, since my craving dictates that I'm going to have to eat a whole slew of them to satisfy myself.

And please don't say Spring Rolls.

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  1. I could have written the post, but vorpal beat me to it, and by +eight years.

    Loves me my spring roll, be it the best ones from my dad which are Chinese-style filled with veg and BBQ pork, or the burrito-sized Vietnamese vermicelli and wood ear loaded inside light and papery wrapping, or the tiny savoury Phillipine-style I've mostly seen filling party trays where I'd want to eat the whole tray. Mmm.

    Where are they?

    Please nobody mention the "restaurant" Spring Rolls. Seriously.

    1. For Filipine spring rolls, try Brown Sugar on The Queensway. They mostly do catering, however have a hot table that changes daily.

      1. Pai's vegetarian spring rolls are the best!!

        1. Linda Modern Thai does very decent spring rolls that are vegetarian. Good texture and their sauces are pretty well constructed.

          1. Haven't lived in the area in a long while, but the best Thai spring rolls I've had were from Express Thai Cuisine (2440 Dufferin St, about a block or two north of Eglinton).

            The rolls were were rolled long and narrow (think cigars vs burritos). Also made amazing pad thai.

            Hope they are still there.