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Mar 27, 2007 11:47 AM

What do your own words taste like?

Well, kinda like a ham and greve on a baguette with a nice smear of spicy mustard and greens. Yep, tried a Pret pre-made sandwich and it was pretty good. The ham was a nice, real piece of pork, not some pressed ham sweeping concoction. Baguette was nicely chewy with good flavor. Only problem was the ratio of filling to bread. Not that a sandwich needs a 3 inch slab 'o meat in it. Well, yea, that's nice. For a good sandwich though, there should be a balance of flavor between bread and filling. That didn't exist with the Pret. Bread overpowered filling.

Still, much better than I thought a pre-made sandwich could be.


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  1. Glad the Pret H&G didn't do you wrong. Yeah, they're not big on a lot of sandwich meat here, except for will get lots of sausage and egg on a breakfast sarnie at a decent caf.

    This is me being a total dork but if you haven't noticed, the majority of people who work at Pret are insanely happy and helpful. I've done some research into their hiring practices...for such a large chain, you've got to admire the relative consistency of experience. And thank God they've brought back the Diet Coke! (Although I do enjoy their Ginger sodas.)

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      You're not a dork. I've noticed the same thing. Could it be that a lot of the workers are new arrivals to the UK? They probably haven't taken the test yet for staying here permanently. :-) The staff in Kingston where I often shop are in that category and extremely friendly and smiley... always!

      1. re: zuriga1

        They actually put potential new hires through a pretty intense interviewing process. After they get through the first round of regular interviews, they send them to a shop to work for a day. The team working that day ultimately decides whether to hire the candidate--so not just the manager. They get special bonuses if they've been "mystery shopped" and performed well (and the mystery shopping happens reguarly) and they have monthly "pret parties" for all the employees.

        Turnover is really low--which you may have noticed if you go to the same Pret all the time like I do. (Not every day, but often enough!) And the read the customer comment cards every morning as a group before the day begins. And each employee is empowered to give vouchers away should an experience not be up to par (like waiting too long for coffee, or an off mango smoothie).

        1. re: kristainlondon

          I like how they use a stencil to put a star on the froth of my capuccino. :-) I don't get that at the Caffe Nero.