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Fab CUPCAKES fairfield county

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Where can I find cute, fabulous cupcakes in the fairfield county area?

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  1. Rosie on Elm St in New Canaan...the mini raspberry & chocolate melt in your mouth

    1. There's a place in stamford off hope street near twin rinks that has cupcakes with cream fillings. I can not remember the name but it is in the same park as patio.com discount center and behind the springdale train station. My kids absolutely love them to the point of them telling me to stop bringingthem home.

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        You're thinking of DiMare's.

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          that's the ticket. There big cakes are great too.

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            Chocopologie in SoNo.

      2. Sono Bakery has excellent cupcakes.

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          SONO Bakery has excellent everything

        2. Crumbs in Westport.

          1. try Georgetown Bake Shoppe on Rt 7 right on the Ridgefield/Wilton line. You need to call ahead and make sure they're open and also to order ahead. She'll do any kind of decoration, she did adorable Elmo's for me and she usually has a few decorated w/flowers. It's not a regular bakery though, there isn't much to walk in and buy, it's almost all orders. http://georgetowncakeshoppe.com/