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Mar 27, 2007 11:43 AM

Le Creuset - where is it made?

I thought La Creuset was a French company, but the 1.5 quart casserole I just bought says it was made in Thailand? Is all La Creuset the same? Or did I wind up with a cheap knockoff??!?

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  1. I work for Williams-Sonoma and we sell a ton of Le Creuset. Yes, they are a French company, and I believe all their pieces are made in France. Each piece is hand-molded, then the mold is destroyed. The process is then repeated for each new piece. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have a cheap knockoff. Return your piece (if you can) and purchase a real Le Creuset at a reputable distributor. Even though it's expensive, it will last for decades. I love my Le Creuset!

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      I was at TJ Maxx this weekend and spotted a couple Made In Thailand items from LC. One was an enamaled steel creamer and I think I saw it also on a salt/pepper set and some stoneware pieces.

      I think the cast iron pieces are made in france, but other items, especially enameled steel accessories, may be made elsewhere.

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        I just received a mail order Le Creuset Dutch Oven from William-Sonoma (my birthday gift) and it has a "Made in Thailand" sticker on it. I'm so mad! Believe me, Customer Service got a flambe' feedback comment.

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          It's funny. I just browsed through the Williams Sonoma's website and the Le Creuset French ovens say "Made in France". If your pot says "Made in Thailand" I think this might be false advertising.

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            Is it a stoneware piece? If so, the stoneware is not made in France.

        2. I recently bought a Le Crueset butter dish for $20 from Amazon and I was a bit disappointed that it was made in Thailand.

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            all of my LC enameled cast iron products are made in france. I'm pretty sure that the stoneware and enameled steel is made in asian countries.

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              Thanks! That may explain it. Williams-Sonoma sent me this mea culpa:

              "Please know that all cast iron cookware by Le Creuset is made in France. The company does not have a factory in Thailand. We have been notified that the sticker placed on the package in our warehouse has incorrect information on it. It should read made in France, not Thailand. We sincerely apologize for any confusion caused. Please be assured that your product is produced in France."

              I guess I feel better, but I will still keep my eyes open to labels.

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                Funny, all of my LC pieces have "France" STAMPED into the bottom of the pot, and whether there was ever a sticker, I couldn't tell you because I have had most of these a long time. Just curious, is your pot stamped, or was the sticker the only indication of origin?

                I found myself looking at the WS catalog closely after reading your post, and all text indicates "France" for cast iron. I sure hope so.

                1. re: RGC1982

                  I just bought an LC enameled cast iron skillet grill from Amazon this past week and it says it is made in France on the bottom.

          2. Le Creuset is a foundry. The word "Creuset" means crucible which is what holds the molten iron for pouring. They don't have facilities for making their stoneware, or enamel coated steel iron, so it's farmed out to Asia, in this case Thailand. If you poke around the Williams Sonoma site under Le Creuset you will find a video showing how they make it.

            1. Buy Lodge. Just as good - 1/4 of the price and made in USA!

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              1. re: FromMyCabinDoor

                Unless something has just changed, all of the Lodge enameled cast iron is made in China. The Lodge non-enameled cast iron is made in the USA.

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                    NOT TRUE. Check their website. Enamel on cast iron cookware with the LODGE name is made in CHINA. According to them they could not find a manufacturer in the USA to do enameling. Boo!

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                      The enamel on Lodge is easy to damage and flake off. I have seen it on a shelf in a store with damaged enamel. Yes it is less expensive, with cause.

                    2. I've got a couple of the orange ceramic-coated cast iron pots, and they both say "made in France" molded into the bottom of them. I bought them in France 25 years ago, though...