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Mar 27, 2007 11:39 AM

Best Enchiladas In Austin?

The title says it all.I'm not a huge enchilada eater but a couple times a year I do enjoy bellying up to a plate.The version at El Zunzal is very good.High quality corn tortillas,good "chili",a quart or so of molten cheese and as always washed down with a giant bottle of Regia.

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  1. Chicken mole enchiladas at El Sol y La Luna, the verde enchiladas at Habanero, the mix-and-match Enchiladas Exoticas from Polvo's and for dirty Tex-Mex, the Tio Chon from Maudie's. These are only opinions.

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    1. re: Twill

      Enchiladas Exoticas or De La Casa (basically the same only one has way more onions) at Polvo's and the mixed red and green New Mexico enchiladas at Jorge's on Hancock (it's the ONLY thing I like there.)

      1. re: amysuehere

        I like the mole enchilada's at Manuel's, the pipian enchiladas at Azul Tequila, and the mola rojo at El Chile.

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          Good call on the Mole Rojo enchiladas at El Chile. How could I forget those?

    2. The enchiladas at Dart Bowl (bowling alley on Grover) are the stuff of local legend. I can't say whether they're the best in town, since I don't eat enchildas that often, but having eaten the Dart Bowl offering a number of times, I can you that they are quite edible, but one should be prepared for the layer of grease simmering on top of the plate when it's brought out of the oven. Actually, I think they may even be served in a cast iron bowl straight to the table.

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      1. re: TAF

        They are served in cast iron (as of a year ago....I need to go back). There's some mysterious flavor that is addicting....not sure what it is or how to recreate it.

        I should mention that I had some SPICY enchiladas at Antonio's on Jolleyville, of all places. The habanero sauce with two choices of beef, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, or chicken. Now...I like things to be extremely spicy, and these were. Get you high sort of spicy.

        1. re: rudeboy

          Sounds like something right up our alley. Lunch today, rudeboy? call.

          p.s. - I knew this would come up eventually, as it's happened here before. There are two camps of "great" on enchiladas:

          1. the authentic "mole" "green sauce/red sauce" type
          2. the tex-mex bright yellow cheese, lots of grease, brown "chile sauce"

          I'm not going to try to convince you that the latter isn't chowish (however, in my grammer school this type of "enchilada" was served once a week in the cafeteria - the day after the soy-burgers), but like bbq, there are absolute divisions.

          1. re: amysuehere

            I think the Dart Bowl enchiladas fall firmly into category 2!

            I'll have to try that place up on Jollyville. Endorphin rush from food ... great!

          2. re: rudeboy

            I gotta try this place since I love the heat. Thanks Rudeboy!

        2. Polvo's: dig this....their Tex Mex enchies filled with puerco al pastor meat (you can get any filling yopu like), a mini lake of chile con carne on top, a skim coat of chile con queso over that, topped with poblano rajas. You can also get a splat of carne guisado on top too, but that's overkill....

          also the Texican out on Manchaca: their Santa Fe stacked enchies, stuffed with picadillo beef and cheese, topped with the New Mexico red chile sauce (I ask for extra, cause they tend to be a little chintzy with it), draped with a light toss of chopped onion, grated cheese, and a couple of fried eggs over-easy.

          the smoked chicken enchies with chipotle sauce at Evita's, with some of that groovy mexican white cheese melted on top, accompanied by the impressive chip tower tambien!

          lest we not forget the enchies at El Borrego de Oro...never had a stinker there either....

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            Ditto the Texican's Santa Fe stacked enchiladas. I always get three beef with "christmas" (half red chile sauce and half green sauce) with fried egg, hard with yoke broken. Worth the drive...

            1. re: chowmick

              lest we not forget the enchies at El Borrego de Oro...never had a stinker there either....

              thanks for reminding me!
              Number two in my book right after Evita's.

            2. Green enchiladas with chicken at Las Manitas. I used to eat these every Sunday until I moved away.

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                I have to say my favorite are the beef enchiladas at Angie's. The chicken is good as well, but doesn't have the same magic as the beef.

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