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Mar 27, 2007 11:26 AM

Restaurants (not just cafes) with WiFi access?

Lately my fiance and I have enjoyed having "working dinners" while doing our wedding planning. We have found a couple of restaurants that have WiFi and encourage us to sit and dine while working on our laptops. It's been so great to break out of the Starbucks/Cafe routine and actually enjoy cocktails and a full meal. The two which we really enjoyed were Sapa and Les Halles (midtown). I know these aren't necessarily destination places (although we did really enjoy Sapa) but they served this purpose nicely. I also see from Eater that wifi is also now available at Morandi, although I can't see that as being as relaxed at dinner than say, lunch. Does anyone have any other recommendations for restaurants with WiFi that allow for this???

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