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Mar 27, 2007 11:02 AM

Whither Cafe Le Coq?

A few weeks ago there was a venomous review of my favorite Boite--has anyone who knows this place been there lately? I think it was Pat Bruno who was responsible for the screed. I am interested to hear from fellow Chowers

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  1. Can't quite figure out what your asking. Didn't see the screed. We ate there several weeks ago and it was the same as always. Did they paint the walls white?

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. cafe le coq is in oak park (the first suburb west of the loop). if you take the el, just get on the green line and get off at 'oak park ave' and it's just one block north. i haven't been, but i've heard good things from people that have. also, it's nice that oak park is finally getting some decent restraunts.

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          They have a nice $25 prix fix menu on Thursdays.

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            Chef Stephen Chiapetti was the Chef who opened it back in late 02-early 03- I worked with him briefly before then- He was a very adventurous chef, always looking for new, exciting ingredients and prperations with a strong foundation in the classics- I can't imagine the food suffering while he's at the helm (blowing the food cost I can imagine, but not a lack of quality). Is he still the boss?

          2. Everytime I've been to Cafe le Coq I have had a lovely experience. However, something that the reviewer makes a point of and something that has bothered me...the menu never ever changes. I don't really plan on going there anymore, simply because I've tried all I want and nothing is there that I can't live without.