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Mar 27, 2007 10:58 AM

Restaurant Reservations (Trattoria Cibreo) in Florence

I just found out that we will be in Florence for three days during "culture week," when all the state-owned museums will offer free admission. Therefore, we expect that Florence will probably be extra busy. So far, I have reservation for 4 Leoni but we would also like to eat at Trattoria Cibreo. Does anyone know whether or not Trattoria Cibreo takes reservations? I've read elsewhere that it doesn't. If it's true that they don't, for those who've eaten there, what is the best time to go for dinner and how long should we expect to wait for table?

Recommendations for snacks and lunches are also welcome.


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  1. Since breakfast is not included in our hotel reservation, recommendations for breakfast would be appreciated, too. We'll be staying on Via de' Tornabuoni, so cafes near there are preferred. Thanks!

    1. I am certain that the Trattoria Cibreo (not the main restaurant) does not take reservations OR credit cards. The main restaurant does take reservations, but is pricey and some of the same food is served in the Trattoria for much less. Trattoria is a rather small place. You might try arriving there at opening time either at lunch or dinner - you'll see others waiting to get in as well.

      1. Hi,
        Trattoria Cibreo does NOT take reservations. Also think about places like the Osteria de Benci near Santa Croce which is fantastic and does delicious roast chicken & spagetti cooked with red wine; Vini e Vecchi Sapori in Via Magazzini (just off Piazza della Signoria); Buca del Orafo another good choice as is Osteria Santa Spirito... Re Snacks/lunches Fuori Porta on the way up to Piazzale Michelangelo is fantastic and there are other enotecas Volpe e Luovo (just over the PonteVecchio) and the one just opposite the Pitti Palace. Cafelatte near San Marco/the Accademia is a pretty fab place for breakfast...roll on end May when I am going to Rome and Florence

        1. Also chiming in to say that Trattoria Cibreo does not take reservations BUT when we called from our hotel, they said they'd hold a table for us if we hustled over. Likely, you'll share a table with others.

          Take cash, no credit cards accepted as another poster noted.

          When you're there, ask about the special in the main restaurant. Often, there is the same or similiar item here for much less money since these two share a kitchen.

          One note: do not be surprised when you notice there is no pasta, no salad nor is coffee served -- or at least that was our experience.