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Mar 27, 2007 10:51 AM

Foodie heading to Jackson, MS this weekend

I am heading to Jackson, MS this weekend for the Crossroads Film Festival. Staying in downtown Jackson. Definetly want to eat like a local. Have gathered some suggestions from some other posts but they seem outdated.
Nicks, Country Boy's Produce, Franks, Elite, Big Apple Inn and Peaches?
Anyone in on the current Jackson food scene? Any help would be appreciated. THANKS...

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  1. Yes, your information is a bit dated. Frank's has been closed for several years and Country Boy's Produce closed a few weeks ago.

    What are you most interested in? The remaining restaurants on your list are quite diverse --- from Nick's fine dining to the soul food at Big Apple and Peaches, with the Elite somewhere in the middle. Do you want a variety of food styles? Are you wanting to stick to the downtown area or do you want to venture out some? Jackson has a lot to offer. A little more information will help narrow the suggestions down to the places that will most interest you.

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    1. re: Sister Sue

      Thanks so much for getting back to me!!
      I will not have a car so that might nix some of your fav's outside of town. It would be great to have your top choice of good soul food, bbq and any good upcoming chef type of place. I love seeing/eating at a place that is using local produce/farms.

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        I think Nick's has the best food in town, but I like Walker's better because it's more of a neighborhood place -- plus you can eat outside if the weather's nice. However, I believe you will probably go past Nick's to get back down from Crossroads. Mayflower is a decent fish place downtown; they also used to let you bring in wine as they only sold beer -- not sure if that's still the case. The only chef I've seen getting produce at the farmer's market is from Del Sol -- but I wasn't impressed when I ate there. There is not a great BBQ place in/near town that I'm aware of (if I'm wrong someone correct me because I'd like to know). Kiefer's is near downtown and it's a decent Greek place. Pizza Shack is probably my favorite pizza place and it's close to downtown. Bravo is a fun place with interesting food, and it has a good bar scene as well. Little Tokyo on 55 has changed its name to Sakura Bana, and the past three times I've been there it was awful. There is still a Little Tokyo north of town where I had a great meal last week, but it sounds like it might be out too far out. I'd skip Crechales as well. There are Festival events at Hal & Mal's so that might be very easy, but I agree with rollledspleen about the food.

    2. I'm not from Jackson, but my wife's family is so we are there often. Walker's is near downtown and is great. Nick's across hwy 55, but only a short cab ride is good upscale too, though for one meal I'd pick Walker's for the food and atmosphere. Elite and Mayflower are both old school southern food with waitresses who've been there forever and family run feel. Hal & Mal's isn't great food, but is good and is a music venue, so if someone interesting is playing that night it makes a nice night out. Crechales just out of downtown is another old school, mainly seafood place with very good come-back dressing. Last, Jackson has a very good sushi place out on hwy 55 called Little Tokyo.

      1. Snackgather, it looks like pkimble and rolledspleen have covered your best options for the area. Between Nick's and Walker's, I'll pick Walker's every time. Between the Mayflower and the Elite, I prefer the Mayflower. I love Kiefer's and the weather this weekend should be good for eating out on their porch. Hal & Mal's is o.k.

        BBQ --- so sorry. Chimneyville is on Hight Street, but I haven't been there in years so I don't know how good it is now. It wasn't so good then.

        There is some sort of cafe at the new farmer's market at the fair grounds. I assume they use the fresh produce, but I have not eaten there. I am a country girl, so I cook my fresh veggies and soul food at the house.

        If you have an opportunity to get out of Jackson proper and want to go where the rural locals go, give one of the catfish places a try. Cock-of-the-Walk is my favorite --- love those fried dill pickles. Other catfish options are Penn's, Jerry's, or Cindy's.

        Let us know how the weekend dining goes.

        1. I have to agree with the others - Walkers is a MUST!! I also prefer the Mayflower to the Elite. Chimneyville is decent BBQ, but they close at 2 or 3 in the afternoon so it is lunch only! I wasn't very impressed with the farmers market cafe, but Chimneyville is just across the street and they do good veggies from the farmers market.

          I also really like Bill's Greek Tavern (but it's not downtown) it is a good seafood joint and you can take a bottle of your favorite wine! Don't forget about the Cherokee - it is a Jackson classic, even though the new location is not quite the same!
          Enjoy ~

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          1. re: mississippigirl

            Love the Cherokee! Can you tell a difference since the new owners took over? I have noticed some of my favorite servers are gone.

            1. re: Sister Sue

              I can't really tell a difference- I just think that it feels different. And I adore the fried pickles!!! OH - it is brown bag also. They serve beer and you can bring your own -whatever.

          2. Snackgather, if you do wander out of Jackson into Rankin County (Flowood, Pearl, Brandon, etc.) be warned that you will not be able to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine with your meal. We have this archaic law by which counties can vote to be "wet" or "dry". Rankin County is "dry" except for beer. This has been a hindrance to fine dining coming to the area.