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Mar 27, 2007 10:48 AM

Tino's on 2222/Mopac

Saw this place trying to open on my way to Starbucks and had to try it out today. (I'm a total sucker for a well-made gyro).

It's kind of hard to find if you're not looking. It's tucked next to Craig-O's pizza in the parking lot opposite from the Randall's.

Ambiance isn't much to speak of with a cafeteria-style presentation and just a smattering of small tables, but the place was totally packed.

Decided to get the gyro (4.99), although they offered a lunch plate with meat and two sides for $6ish.

Meat was lean and flavorful, pita bread was a wheat version and while not quite as good as Milto's bread, still fluffy/soft/flavorful. They added a bit of feta and cucumber, which was an interesting contrast in flavors/textures and otherwise had the typical lettuce/tomato/onion. My dissapointment was in the tzadziki sauce which was very, very mild (like mine with a tart punch). Considering how close it is to work (vs. Milto's which just is a smidge too far to make in an hour) and the reasonable price and great meat to bread ratio, I'll be back.

Next trip - lunch plate with chicken (which is on a spit like the gyro meat), baba ghanouj and vegetarian moussaka.

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  1. This place is right under my nose and I did not know it was there. You have a knack for finding these places, like the crepe place in S.A.. FYI there is a Greek/Med place behind a convenioence store over on Hancock. As you proceed east on Hancock from Shoal Creek BD. it will be on the right, almost to the Yarbrough Lib. You probably already know about this place though, doncha'.

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      the little Greek place is ok...but if you seek better versions then get thee to Arpeggio on Airport blvd....I believe Amysuehere made the trip's Palestinian and along with Kebab Palace offers the finest renditions of Med standards in the Austin area.The Tika combo Kebab platter EASILY feeds two hungry people for about 11 bucks and their hummus is HEAVEN.

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        I agree with the 'chef on Arpeggio. Their food is really delicious, but you may want to get it to go, since their interior is pretty awful.

        Thanks for the heads up on the new Tino's location (near where I live!). They must be doing well. There are now 3 locations in Austin that I'm aware of.

        1. re: singlemalt

          yeah, I used to work at the school for the blind and that was just up the street. Tried them when they first opened and wasn't impressed (reminded me of mall gyros), but they may have improved...but if I'm that close to Billy's I'm headed for the Shaggy's jerk wings!

        2. Jerusalem Cafe on East Oltorf is worth a little drive. It's a family-owned Palestinian place and a great spot to chat with the owner and catch up on local Middle Eastern news while watching Al Jezeera together. They have a number of plates or combo orders and they can vary them to suit your tastes.

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            1. I live in the area and have been going to Tenos since they opened. The chicken is my favorite. It's spicy and juicy and I either get it in a wrap or in a chicken feta salad. Both are filling and satisying. In fact, the salad is often too large for me to finish. Try the chicken!

              1. re: wendella

                I'm also in the area--they have been there at least a year now. A big improvement over the scary Chinese place that used to be in there. The lunch or dinner plates are a terrific bargain: dinner is a big gyro, soup, salad, and three sides for $10 and it's enough food for two, sometimes three meals for me.

                The sides are plentiful and tasty. Flavorful, fresh-tasting tabbouleh that's packed with parsley. Amysue, I'm sorry you didn't care for the tzatziki, as it's some of the best I believe I've had, very thick (clearly made from good yogurt) with plenty of tang. The spanokopita is perfectly crisp and flaky on the outside, tender on the inside. I have also had their mashed potatoes--an odd choice for a Greek place, I thought, but they were pretty good, so who cares? The one side I've not cared for was the mixed grilled veggies--they were reheated frozen, yech. Other sides I've not tried: hummus, moussaka, doulmas, and probably a couple other things I'm forgetting.

                The flavors in all this are so yummy that I've taken to eating my Tino's meals to go, at home and Indian-style...with my fingers and eating bites of the different dishes together to combine the flavors. Yum!

            2. I live next to the South Location (Slaughter and Brodie), and while the ambiance is absolutely missing, and the place is HOT inside, I love it. For a quick bite, the Gyro can't be beat, and is so much better then any of the other 'fast' offerings in the area.

              Had the Dolmathes there last time I was in. I liked them, but since that was my first time ever to have stuffed grape leaves, I don't know if they were truly good.