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Mar 27, 2007 10:39 AM

Romantic date place Scarborough

Looking for a nice place in Scarborough or at least the east end, that will not drive a hole through my wallet $$ but will provide an atmosphere that will tell my partner that she is special?

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  1. You'll see from the overwhelming response to your question that the pickings are slim! One place that might be construed as romantic is Zen restaurant on Eglinton East. They have lovely booths that feel very private, and the food is excellent. Toronto Life says it costs $105 per couple, but I think you can get away with much less. Here's their review anyway:
    It give the phone # and map. (By the way, when they say it's in the "all-time grimmest stripmall," they're not kidding.)

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      1. Hmmm... did someone just try to put 'romantic' and 'Scarborough' in the same sentence? ;-)

        Zen is fantastic for the food and one of the best places in TO for sushi, but I would hardly call it romantic, and if you're there late for dinner, please do make sure you lock your car and put anything remotely valuable hidden in the trunk!

        Sorry but if you want to tell your partner that she's 'something special', then it's best to head downtown.

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        1. re: syoung

          agree with the above, Zen and Cafe Michi both came to mind immediately...

          other possibilities:

          Japanese place at top of Sheraton hotel at Kennedy/401 (ambience is good & dark, you may not be able to see the food you're consuming!)

          Grand Island Seafood and Steakhouse - lobster with live lounge music!
          (905) 479-5999
          538 Carlton Rd. Markham, ON

          Bluffers Restaurant (scarboro bluffs) - the view alone = 1000words

          ... then again, the ambience is what the couple brings to the place, so a couple of burgers at John A's (VicPark/Sheppard) might be all that's needed....

          1. re: berbere

            Yes, Zen is quite romantic if you can secure a booth. Yes you need to lock your car just like, oh, everywhere else in Toronto.

            A second for the romance factor of Bluffers. It's best if you go during the warm months when the patio is open. The view is terrific especially if you star gaze. Very little light noise in that area. The food is mediocre so let's hope the night isn't.

            Unfortunately no one's really capitalized on the abundant parks and lakefront in Scarborough to create a romantic little dinner spot. Some day maybe...

        2. Hmmm...well I see that Scarborough isn't considered my many to be on the level of say Paris in terms of romantic date places, but I think Scarborough has quite a bit to offer. Romantic affordable places include Remezzo (Warden and Sheppard) and Mandalay (Markham and Ellesmere). But other offerings can be made romantic. Korean bbq places for example offer you a chance to cook her a meal :)

          3335 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1T 3K2, CA

          1. Two awesome places I know of in Scarborough
            First at Kingston Rd and Midland is a tiny restaurant called Vincent's Spot. The food is to die for avaraging about 25 for the meal which includes appitizer that is delicious. It is small and intimate and the owners are attentive. Beware not open on Mondays
            Second is called The Black Dog Pub it is at island Rd near Port Union and the 401. Just the atmosphere alone makes it romantic. Heavy linens and richly textured decor. Fireplace the front is full of trees so when you look out the windows you feel like you are in the country. Big menu and from what I have tried so far, awesome food!!

            Black Dog Pub
            87 Island Rd, Toronto, ON M1C2P6, CA

            Vincent's Spot
            2496 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M1N1V3, CA