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Mar 27, 2007 10:19 AM

Serving Baked Brie Cheese

I am planning on making a baked brie cheese wrapped in pastry but I am not sure how to serve it correctly. Do the guests cut pieces off or do we break through the top and dip into the cheese?

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  1. I have always cut a first wedge out to lead the guests in the right direction....and leave the rest of the cutting up to each - It always is messy. It would also be appropriate to let it rest for a minute to firm inside slightly then wedge it like a pie, a neater approach.

    1. Part of the beauty is eating that crust! You can make the first slice and serve with a proper cheese knife for the guests. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can top it with something before you wrap it in pastry. My favorite is kalamata olives and garlic cloves. The garlic roasts within the pastry and oozes flavor into the cheese. The olives add a nice tang. MMM.

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        Thank you very much this is very helpful.

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          If you prefer sweet, top the brie with your favorite preserves before wrapping and baking. It's all good.

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            I just had my first baked-brie-with-jam experience on St Patrick's Day. Jam + cheese + dough= goooooood.

      2. I never like the pastry shell on crackers, so I just bake brie without it. Just plunk the wheel (or slice) in a glass baking dish and top with whatever you would normally top it with and bake. If you bake just a slice, the sides mush out of the rind when you take it out of the oven, and people can dip or cut pieces off as they'd like.

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          a nice alternative, is to wrap the wheel in prosciutto and serve with a fig spread!

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            OMG! That sounds sinful. I must try it.