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Mar 27, 2007 10:17 AM

Fish tacos in Atlanta

We've sampled and enjoyed the fish tacos at Pozolé in Virginia-Highland, but have no point of comparison, at least in Atlanta. Any suggestions?

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  1. Yes Taqueria Los Hermanos in Tucker has my all time favorite fish tacos. El Matador on Chamblee Tucker has a completely different take on them and they are excellent chopped up fish. Try them both let me know what you think.

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    1. re: Katj

      I second Taqueria Los Hermanos. Haven't been in a while, but I remember their portions are a bit bigger than any where else. (the other one I get there is the Philly Taco - beef, cheese = guilty pleasure)
      I also like La Fonda fish tacos as the sauce is a bit spicier. Their burrito version is exactly the same except with more lettuce & tomato.

      1. re: weez

        We tried La Fonda (on Ponce) this weekend and, sadly, wasn't very impressed.

    2. My husband and I personally love the Tilapia tacos at La Fonda. Yum! I've had the ones at Pozole too and thought they were good as well. I used to LOVE the fish tacos at Sala - but they've recently changed their menu and it looks like the only fish taco they serve now also has shrimp in it and I don't like shrimp. Can anyone confirm this?

      1. There are two places I like. The first is Taqueria del Sol on Howell Mill. There are often long lines but they move fairly fast. Worth the wait though.
        The second place I like is a place called Pure in Alpharetta. Everything I have had there is incredible. It's a bit of a scene, but the food is great. Their fish tacos are served in corn tortillas rather than flour.

        1. I lived in New Mexico for 21 years and had my first fish taco at Nuevo Laredo on Chattahoochee Avenue. Since then I have tried them several places locally. As has been said already - everyone has their own take on fish tacos. Pure Taqueria in Alpharetta is enjoyable, as is Nuevo Laredo. Even Houlihan's are acceptable to me.

          Please let us know where you try and what you think - how they compare to Pozole, etc.

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