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Mar 27, 2007 10:15 AM

Local eats near Millennium Hotel, Minneapolis?

I'll be in Minneapolis the first weekend in May and staying at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Can anyone recommend any good, affordable, locally-owned places to eat within walking distance? Also, are there any local specialty shops with regional or locally-produced foods nearby, or else farmers' markets in the area that are close on foot or else reachable by whatever public transport might be available?

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  1. Yes. Check out Hell's Kitchen for Breakfast or lunch. There was an excellent article posted today about this place.

    Farmers market will be right outside your hotel room on Thursdays but might be kind of limited in May (not too much grows here in April). Otherwise there is a daily market about 1mi from your hotel every morning (It's actually kind of lively on the weekends). There are many fine dining choices within walking distance of your hotel, but if you are a little more adventurous Try tackling the section of Nicollet Avenue known as "Eat Street" (I hate the name but it gives you an idea what is there). It's a 10 block area with many ethnic places between Franklin (20th) and Lake st (30th) on Nicollet. You can take the #18 bus from night in front of your hotel.

    1. You're in luck - the Mill City Farmer's Market open on Saturday, May 5. This small, high-quality outdoor market has only local organic food.

      You can walk over to the river (it's next to the Guthrie Theater) or take the bus/light rail.

      I second the recommendation for Nicollet Ave/Eat Street. Almost everything past 14th & Nicollet is locally owned. I really like Jasmine Deli and Pho Tau Bay for Vietnamese food.

      Here's another thread about dining near downtown Mpls:


      1. The Mpls St Paul magazine featured restaurants with organic and/or local food in their March issue. Luckily, this info is now online.

        Of the restaurants listed, Cafe Brenda, Spoonriver, and Cue are in downtown Mpls, and Lucia's (in Uptown) is easy to get to by bus. The Birchwood Cafe is the most affordable of the bunch - the same quality as a fancy-pants restaurant at a fraction of the cost - and is in a nice neighborhood a few miles from downtown; their web site explains how to get there by bus.


        1. Also try Peter's Grill, IIRC they're on 8th or 9th & Marquette, for old-style cafe/restaurant meals. They specialize in comfort foods. Ike's is a retro-place bar/restaurant that has fun food inspired by long-gone local dining institutions & right next door is Murray's Steak House a kitchsy but good steak place, both are a higher price point than Peters. They're located on 6th at Nicollet across the street from the City Center Mall.

          Christina lurking on John's email

          1. Nicollet ave is right outside your door. If you hang a left you will find the neighborhood restaurants. Go right and most of it is going to be more corporate. All of the suggestions are good. Ill add the New Delhi as a fun option. Its about a block and a half (the left side) and they have great appetizer specials for happy hour. Its good Indian food, lots of veggie options too. If you are bored at night they have local bands that play blues, country and rock. For mexican, keep going down the block to Salsa a la Salsa. Very fresh. Good luck and have fun!