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Mar 27, 2007 10:03 AM

Quick Bite at Sorriso

Stopped in for a quick bite recently. It had been about a year since my last visit, where I found some dishes to be great, others a bit of a miss. I was craving some kind of fritto misto, which somehow I thought they offered, but no.

I had the Suppli al Telefono - Risotto Croquettes with Porcini and Fontina ($6) and a half order of the Linguine di Farro, Roasted Brussels and Pancetta. ($17 - $10 for the half order).

So the risotto croquettes (why aren't these called arancini?) were outstanding. Such a great balance of ingredients plus some nice sage flavor, and extremely light--crispy on the outside, toothsome on the inside. There were 3 to the plate, which was safe, I would have chowed on these for real.

The pasta dish, too, was delightful. I'm told it is all made in house. The flavors were wonderful: smoky pancetta, tangy brussel sprouts, a nice grated cheese, sweet caramelized onions, highlights of lemon and certainly some kind of good stock as the base. The pasta was a little overdone for my preferences, but the flavor of this dish was a winner.

Pizzas coming out of the kitchen looked great. Thin looking crusts with nice browned and bubbly edges. I'd stop in again when I'm in the area.

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  1. The risotto croquettes really are terrific there. I also wish they opted to call them arancini. Good to hear they are still on the menu (Sorriso tends to update the menu pretty regularly). I hear you on the chow factor with these. I could eat a 1/2 dozen easy!

    I've always had great luck with the pizza and feel that they are underrated here, or at least are still flying under the chow radar.

    1. Arancini are different. I think they call them Telefone wires. Arancini ususlly has saffron and a meat filling

      1. Both dishes sound great. I haven't eaten at Sorriso yet, I think it's time.

        1. I tried Sorriso for the first time about two weeks ago. A very nice pasta dish (sorry, I can't recall what I had exactly) and pizza. Service was very nice, too. I would go back!

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