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Mar 27, 2007 10:02 AM

Hartford foodie needs your advice

My husband and I are coming to NYC in April for the weekend - and trying to figure out where to have a terrific birthday dinner (after our 3 p.m. Spalding Gray play). I was thinking Eleven Madison Park but my son INSISTS we should go to Danube. I want quiet, fresh, delish, as good as per se (I've been there a few times) but lower in price and preciousness. I'm crossing my fingers that you'll lead me towards great eating.

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  1. I prefer EMP over Danube. I would, however, choose Cru over either of your choices. The good news is that they are all great places worthy of a quality birthday dinner. Enjoy your birthday!

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    1. re: bobby06877

      I agree re EMP and Danube although the service and room at Danube are spectacular. I would pick Veritas over Cru.

      1. re: wryorwhite

        I would definitely describe EMP's space as spectacular -- one of the most beautiful in the city. Service is first-rate as well. And when it comes to the food, regulars know that I think Chef Humm's French-inspired cuisine is sensational!

        Veritas has always been one of our favorites. When it comes to food and ambiance, it's quite the contrary of EMP. Chef Scott Bryan's New American cuisine is not overly complicated, but it is always solidly prepared and delicious. Note that there is only one menu, a 3-course prix-fixe (though you can add a cheese course), unlike EMP, which has 3 menus, including the Gourmand tasting. Veritas's wine list is, of course, extraordinary. Service is pleasant and professional. The dining room is small with minimalist decor that provides a feeling of understated elegance.

        1. re: RGR

          veritas definitely seems to fit your needs perfectly.

          emp is definitely a decent is cru...but my choice is veritas.