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Mar 27, 2007 09:39 AM

best soup dumplings in LA????


pppplease help me find great soup dumplings.....
i'm totally craving it!
i used to live in nyc, and chinatown had the greatest
crab-pork soup dumplings....
i have yet to find one that compares in la....

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  1. Din Tai Fung in Aracdia. Juicy pork dumplings are damn good, too. The soup dumplings disappear early on Saturday mornings, though, so you'll need to be in line first thing.

    Your dumpling question will undoubtedly create a firestorm of opinions on this board now...

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    1. re: glutton

      Ditto on Din Tai Fung. However, I've yet to find a place in LA that serves them up as large as the Joe's Shanghai variety. Anyone know?

      1. re: dynamike

        i'm with dynamike... not sure if there are places that serve 'roided up XLB's like Joe's in NYC. DTF - crowded, expensive. there are better places.

      2. re: glutton

        They are the best. The owner was the first in the nation to do this. WARNING! make sure you know how to eat them. If you just pop one into your mouth you will burn yourself. Pick up the dumpling and bite a small hole into it and suck out the broth. It is molten hot

        1. re: Chili

          That's only one way, some of us like the 'flavor burst in your mouth' effect, rather than slurping out the soup first. If you wait just a little bit, you won't burn yourself.

        1. Just do a search this has been covered maybe 100 times the last month alone.

          1. My sister and I are dying to try soup dumplings and have done extensive research on chowhound. I believe the front runners are Mei Long Village and J&J. If there are better rec's, they would be much appreciated :)

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            1. re: MeowMixx

              after reading ipsedixit .. I have become a serious Mei long Village junkie, those soup dumplings call to me weekly!

              1. re: wizardx

                I prefer J&J over Mei Long Village. I've tried to figure out what the big hulaballoo is with MLV's version, and I still don't get it. Their XLB has some serious funky aftertaste to them that immediately reminds me of unclean meat. I thought it was a fluke the first time I tried them, but two years later I tried again and the funk was still there. Maybe it's just me.

            2. I like Giang-nan on Garfield in MOnterey Park.
              Check this board with the phrase XLB or xiaolongbao which how they're usually described on the LA board.

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              1. re: Jerome

                Thanks Jerome for the recommendation- Giang Nan is a very good place for XLB. They have a very extensive menu and everything I have tried there is very good. Also, on the cheap side for food.