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Mar 27, 2007 09:24 AM

Tell me about Greenwich & Hartford, CT?

I've never been to either, but I may be heading that way soon, and frequently. What can I expect from them, dining-wise--what are their strengths? Where would you tell a newcomer who wants the best they have to offer--regardless of cuisine type/service level/price--to go?

Thanks much!

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  1. Hartford is a large diverse city with many great and interesting restaurants. there are a number of posts on different places here including one on Franklin Avenue which is in the south end and known for its Italian heritage. Some of the places that I like are:

    Costa del Sol - Great Spanish food on Wethersfield Avenue in the south end
    Carbones - An old-fashioned upscale Italian restarant that has been around for 60+ years
    Peppercorns - Great upscale modern Italian on Main Street south of downtown
    First & Last Tavern - Another old-fashioned Italian restaurant on Maple Avenue
    Max Downtown - Upscale American on Asylum Street in the heart of Downtown
    Hot Tomato's - Spicy Italian at Union Station
    City Steam - Brewery & Pub in the historic Richardson Building on Main Street downtown

    I could go on and on but I am sure others will add to the list. Jay

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      There are a few other places in the Hartford area. That are real nice, There's a place in New Britian called the East Side, for German style food, and Theres a fish place in Wethersfield call Carmen Anthony's fish house. on the Berlin Tpke, you might enjoy. And Take a look at these places for the web site Im sending you. Use the left side and pick out the different type foods you like, and scroll thru there. Good luck. Earle

    2. No knock on this site, but if it is the "best of the best" you seek, you should probably consult Zagat's CT guide for both the Hartford and Greenwich areas. For the most part, I think they have it right. In the greater Hartford and surrounding areas, it will lead you to Cavey's (the best in my opinion); Metro Bis; the Max Group restaurants; Peppercorns; Grant's; and Bricco. Hard to argue with these choices, unless you are looking for something more "chowish", but your post doesn't suggest so.

      In the Greenwhich area, you will find Thomas Henkelmann; Jean Louis; Bernard's; Rebeccas; and Da Pietro's, everyone excellent and very expensive. But again, there is nothing truly "chowish" about any of these.

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      1. re: FoodieJim

        First of all, thanks all.
        Second, I'm looking for both--high-end and holed-up. So if you've got any suggestions for the latter, I'd love to hear 'em!

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          hartford and greenwich are polar opposites.
          regarding greenwich: i'm ok with henkelman's place and jean louis. both are pricey but worth it. head up I95 to stamford (next door) and you can enjoy napa and company. ocean 211 is just a block away and has some of the best oysters on the east coast.
          it's all good.

      2. Mulberry St Pizza 182 S Main St. manchester...about five miles east of Hartford...1.3 miles south of Cavey's on Rt 83 near the Country Club.

        You will not be sorry...but take out only...try pizza and wings...burned, thin and chewey