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Mar 27, 2007 09:20 AM

Recs between 301 bridge and Norfolk, VA?

I'm going to be driving down to Norfolk from the Baltimore area for a meeting in a couple of weeks, and I'll likely be taking either 301 most of the way, or 301 to 17 in VA, rather than 95 (though I might take the 95 way in one direction if there's something chow-worthy along that path). In any case, I'll most likely be stopping along the way to eat. I've got a fairly good idea of what's available between Baltimore and the route 301 bridge over the Potomac (or down to about Quantico on the 95 corridor), but I don't have a lot of insight as to what's to be had further south along either route. Any recs for chow along the drive would be appreciated!

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  1. We drive that way frequently and always take 301 to 17. It's more direct than looping around past Richmond and down I-64 when you're going to Hampton Roads (we actually go to Williamsburg). Rt.17 is a very easy drive with relatively little traffic. That's the good news. Bad news...not too much chow. As a result, we're very familiar with the McDonald's in Tappahannock. My parents, who live in W'burg, sometimes go to a barbecue place in Gloucester with friends and seem to like it. Can't recall the name, but I believe it's on the northbound side just north of the Coleman bridge. There's another place in Gloucester that I've been meaning to try, Sewell's Ordinary Restaurant and Tavern. Gloucester is about 2.5 - 3 hours from Baltimore. Good luck and please post if you find something chow-worthy.

    1. Richmond is out of your way unless you take I-95, but I recently went to a small place called Udo Squid in Richmond -- it's funky, on the second floor of a non-descipt building, but it was great food and reasonably priced. Focused a lot on seafood. Also, in Norfolk there is Todd Juro's Bistro (or close to that name) that I ate at once a few years ago, and had a very memorable meal, coq au vin. There is also a bookstore about two blocks from the harbor -- inland from about where the battleship is -- that has a great little coffee/sandwich shop for lunch, but I don't remember the name.