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Mar 27, 2007 09:17 AM

Upscale Easter Sunday dinner -London

Looking for good recom. on Easter Sunday dinner in London. Looking to go early (before 4) Short list right now is The Ritz or the Dorchester or the restuarant in the hotel across from Harvey Nics - can't remember the name right now..any ideas??

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  1. That would be Foliage in the Mandarin Oriental on Knightsbridge.

    1. 4 pm for dinner? Not sure you'll have much luck finding somewhere open for dinner at that time, certainly not a place with pretensions to fine dining. 6 pm, maybe.

      Hotel restaurants are probably your best bet... The two you mention above are OK, or maybe try Galvins at the Hilton (very very good, very expensive French cuisine) or the Intercontinental (very very good and expensive Italian). Good luck with the time, though... Let us know how you get on booking - it's always useful to know about decent places with out of the ordinary opening hours...