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Mar 27, 2007 08:46 AM

Any good and sturdy but light weight cookware?

I purchased a set of All-clad and a few Le Crueset pots but oh boy, they are all so heavy for a petite person like me.
Is there any brand or type of cookwares that are easier to handle for everyday use?

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  1. I've got a set of Calphalon (anodized aluminum) that I use all the time. It's not the most lightweight out there, but it's certainly much less than Le Creuset. I'm fairly small and puny, and find it totally manageable.

    At some point, you'll start to notice a serious trade-off between the weight of a pot or pan and the quality of the food you make in it. For most dishes, having even and controllable heat matters, and the thinner the pot, the more the transfer of heat becomes erratic.

    1. Aluminum is the lightest metal commonly used in cookware, and anodized (such as Calphalon and Magnalite) seems to be the most popular. The manufacturers say it's OK to use metal utensils, but I inherited a Calphalon pot that appeared to have the fiinish rubbing off. So I use only wood or nylon utensils with them.

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        I am slowly getting rid of all of my old Calphalon, annodizatin wearing off, warping, weight and have slowly been replacing it with Cuisinart. I have had back issues and surgery. I find the Cuisinart cooks beautifully and I am not having to ask my DH to lift a pan for me unless it is a very full Le Creuset and I'll never give those up weight ot not.

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          I am slowly seeing arthritis in my hands. I am having a hard time lifting my pans now. I am looking for good quality lightweight. Does Cuisinart come in different materials? If so, which are you using. I am only 5 feet and it is hard contending with being rather short and the arthritis.