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Mar 27, 2007 08:41 AM


Looking for a place for drinks on a Thurs.night. Need light snacks as well.Thanks!

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  1. Park Blue on W. 58th is my go-to when I'm around there. Terrific wine list and better-than-your-average-bar food. When the owner is there he often gives buybacks, which are far too rare in this city, and even more rare for a higher end bar.

    1. Stone Rose - Time Warner Center is great for pricey drinks and a view. I know they have small bites but never had them.

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        Will Stone Rose be hard to get into at around 10p.m.?

        1. re: trishottawa

          I don't think so - from what I remember they don't have a fussy door. It can get crowded so there may be standing room only. I think they take reservations too which might be a good option since you are planning on eating.

      2. Try's located on the thirty-something floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Fabulous drinks and snacks that won't make you feel full or heavy after you eat them. Also, best views in Manhattan!

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          MoBar it is! Thanks for all the help\