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Mar 27, 2007 08:36 AM

NYC date suggestions near Penn Station

Looking for a great date restaurant within walking distance of Penn Station. Good food and atmosphere. Not a large restaurant but something smaller and more intimate.

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  1. I envision a taxi ride in your near future :-)

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      It's not for me...I said the same thing :) But maybe something in the theatre district or Hells Kitchen?

    2. You might consider going to Keens and eating in the cozy Pub Room. Excellent food and you can't beat the wonderful old NY ambiance.

      1. Within walking distance of Penn Station is the subway. Go somewhere with good food. Shoot down to West 4th and find a place there. Maybe hit up Tartine or Havana Alma de Cuba. Or head north to the Upper West Side. Get out in the 70s and wander around Amsterdam or Columbus. There are a bijillion places there.

        Seriously, the only thing I can Penn Station place I can think of worth eating at is Heartland Brewery. Which can be a really good date place if the date's casual. If the date's supposed to be romantic though...


        1. Market Cafe is perfect. 9th ave and upper 30s. True diamond in the rough.

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              3rd Market Cafe. Another possibility is Tre Dici, a little Italian place on 26th btw 6th and 7th.