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Mar 27, 2007 08:31 AM

Udupi vs. Woodlands (Artesia)

I'm trying to pick a good place for South Indian food for lunch on Saturday. From what I can tell from other posts, these two are the best options (correct me if I am wrong). Now, I need to decide between these two options. I do not like buffets, so if either of them are buffet-only for weekend lunch, that would be worth knowing. Other than that, I'll go to whichever has the better food.

Thanks for your help...

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  1. I just went to Woodlands last week and had a great time. It is vegetarian, but none of us missed having the meat. There's a buffet as well as a menu you can order from. A couple different chutneys, two soups, six curry type things, and two desserts. The buffet also comes with a choice of plain or potato/curry filled dosa (giant crepe) per person, and choice of sour milk or mango milk shakes. The guy insisted they weren't lassis, but they tasted pretty much the same to me (maybe a little thicker).

    The vegetable korma, masala dosas, and lentil (?) soups were everyone's favorite. I also liked one of the desserts. I thought it was a mound of mashed sweet potatoes, but it was actually some kind of sweet dough. It was really kind of refreshing after a spice-ful meal.

    The best part was, our bill for 4 people was $20. People on this board have said the price per person is around $10, but I swear our bill was $5 each. We left $26 in cash and were not chased down, so it might have been right.

    1. Personally I prefer Woodlands. I have had better meals at Udipi and I have had worse as compared to Woodlands - I guess I'm trying to say that consistency at Udipi is really bad.

      Play it safe, go to Woodlands.

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        There are a bunch of places that would qualify. thirupathi Bhimas doesn't have a buffet and the thali lunch is quite substantial and I thought pretty good quality for the price. also there is that new vegetarian buffet that Jonathan Gold wrote about a couple of months back though you did say no vegetarian buffets, this one is supposedly decent. then there is my favorite surati farsan mart but that place is a little small depending on your group. however, the food is great and quite inexpensive.

      2. Based on one visit to each, I'd say Udupi. I went on a dosa tasting fest, and they were far better at Udupi. Their service and chutneys were also far better than Woodlands. The coconut chutney was very complex and not overly sweet. Same for the tamarind.