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Mar 27, 2007 08:11 AM

The "Young Crabmen" in North Philadelphia

It's spring, and my thoughts have turned to steamed crabs. In fact, my thoughts have never turned away, since reading Jim Leff's Chowtour dispatch from last September. Does anyone know if they're back in business in the vicinity of North Taney and West Berks?

To refresh your memories, here's Jim's piece about it:

Fingers crossed! Pat

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  1. Bumping this thread up--any news on these crabs? Coming down to philly for the weekend and wondering if they will be there.

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      I'm thinking about trying to get my husband to go for lunch today and see if it's open. I have a greatplace across the bridge in Jersey for you if you want good ones - they have blue claws from Cabo which are really sweet and great hushpuppies soft shells and crawfish too. BYOB Oh we like the crabs hot dipped and dirty. http;//