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Mar 27, 2007 08:07 AM

Good food around Pembroke Pines

I am going down to Pembroke Pines for a wedding. Anyone know of any good restaurants in the area? Thanks!!

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  1. The Paella Seafood Grill has very good tapas and good paella, La Brochette is sometimes excellent and, at worst, very good. Josef's is also very nice. You don't say what kind of food or price range, so it's difficult. Maybe if you get more specific, people will be able to be more helpful. Have a good trip!

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      Moderately-priced restaurants are best. And any kind of food is great, I eat everything. Thanks for the heads-up and the suggestions, pilches!

    2. Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend La Brochette Bistro - IMO one of the best restaurants from a food perspective in all of South Florida - fantastic fish and make sure to try the specials if they sound good to you.

      It's officially in Cooper City (right next door) in a strip mall on the corner of Hiatus Road and Sheridan.