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Mar 27, 2007 07:44 AM

What to order at... Coco500?

Going tonight for the first time with friends. Any must-try items?

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  1. I like their beefcheeks, marrow bones, fried green beans.

    1. They have a cocktail called The Walrus and the Carpenter (IIRC) that I love (I dont' like sweet cocktails and this one isn't a bit).

      The flatbread was outstanding both times I've been there--once with tiny pieces of roasted cauliflower and the other, um, I don't remember, but it was good.

      Oh, and the vacherin. One of the most perfect desserts ever.

      I would beg to differ on the green beans. I can't stand 'em. I think they are greasy and tasteless.

      1. The beefcheeks are a love or hate thing. It was the one thing I never liked out of all my years eating there. It is peppery. If you had beef cheeks before it might be more interesting.

        Keep in mind these are my own personal likes. ALSO ... BIG ... it is hard to guess the dish sizes. The question to ask is "how many people could share this dish?" Let them tell you.

        The top things I would order from the current online menu

        small starts
        6.0 fried green beans
        3.0 marinated olives
        6.0 duck liver terrine, pickles, mustard

        13. warm brussel sprouts, local goat cheese, ham, pine nuts, roasted apple vinaigrette

        14. spaghettini, local squid, stewed garlic, tomato, perserved lemon, ink (YES, YES, YES ... the squid has ALWAYS been excellent)
        15. garganelli, lamb sausage, sweet peas, mint, ricotta salata (would strongly consider. Ask the server)

        a la plancha

        19. marinated flank steak, colery root slaw, spring onions, marrow butter (anything with marrow in any form is usally very good)

        wood oven

        16. stuffed pork loin, figs, gorganzola, tradivo, walnuts, aged balsamic (YES, YES, YES ... pork is always amazing, especially from the wood oven)
        aq. whole fish, tomato saffron sauce, tapenade (maaaybe. It is from the wood oven. Ask the server.

        8.5 vacherin, swiss meringue, crème anglaise, chocolate sauce, coffee gelato, almonds (if you never ordered this it is a MUST. definately sharable)


        small starts

        8.0 octopus salad, olives, saffron, celery (the have always had great squid. not sure of the octopus, but it might be a solid pick)
        4.0 COCOmole “taco” (Sure, if you want to say you had them. keep in mind that these are small and more like taco chips.
        6.0 brandade, fennel cracker
        8.0 hamachi, grapefruit, sea salt, spring onion (really don't know. Not into hamachi)
        2.0 house made duck procuitto, kumquat compote (house-made stuff can be a miss. Ask the server ... but there less risky things ... but it's only 2 bucks on the other hand)

        10. the wedge, iceburg lettuce, bacon, point reyes blue cheese, pickled onions (sounds interesting if you are into this sort of thing. I'm personally not a fan of point reyes though)
        12. shaved asparagus , marinated anchovies, burrata, lemon vinaigrette (if you like anchovies ... they are the fishy, assertive type usually ... ask who makes the burrata)

        a la plancha (Fish and chicken have always been good but not usually memorable)
        aq. the catch
        11. prawns, white beans, roasted chilies, romesco sauce, feta
        16. local petrale sole white beans, roasted chilies, romesco sauce, feta
        18. young chicken, polenta stuffed, poblano peppers

        wood oven (I'm not a pizza person. It is good, but Cal-version obviously. If I were going to get one I'd go for the gorgonzola just because I like that cheese)
        9.0 truffled mushroom flatbread, parmesan
        13. smoked proscuitto pizza, gorgonzola, white beans, arugula
        12. coppa salami pizza, tomato sauce, basil

        california dirt (ask the server ... listed in order of my preference ... that gratin sounds good)
        5.0 yukon gold potato gratin, gruyere, savory
        5.0 organic beets, walnuts, pt reyes blue
        6.0 star route farms swiss chard, confit garlic
        5.0 smashed celery root, thyme, davero olive oil

        8.0 warm chocolate crepe, caramelized bananas, vanilla ice cream
        7.5 meyer lemon french cream, house made brioche, caramel sauce

        What I would pas on

        small starts

        9.0 marin goat cheese, manchego and saint agur (cheese is cheese. you can get this anywhere)
        2.5 oyster on 1⁄2 shell, mignonette (ditto ... oysters anywhere)

        6.0 soup (I've never liked the soup here, but it has more to do with me. I'm not into light soups)

        wood oven
        15. beef cheek, watercress, horseradish cream (just me)

        dessert (all fine, but cheese you can get anywhere. The frozen stuff is ok but only if stuffed. I personally am boycotting huckleberries because they are too overdone everywhere)
        7.5 wild huckleberry bread pudding, house made brioche, caramel sauce
        5.5 champagne granite, strawberry macedoine, shortbread
        9.0 cheeses: marin county goat, manchego, saint agur
        4.5 ice creams and sorbets

        1. Personally, the flatbread stands out from every visit. It's a must-have.

          I love... LOVE the beef cheeks as do all others I've brought to Coco500.

          1. The Vacherin (dessert) and gorgeously described, is one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. For 2, not for 1. The flatbread was outstanding as well. Be careful with noise volume at Coco500 - when we went at 830 it was insanely loud.