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Mar 27, 2007 07:38 AM

A good bagel on the mag mile

I work on the mag mile near Chicago and Michigan. I was craving a homemade bagel with flavored cream cheese (veggie, chive, something) and couldn't find one this morning at most of the breakfast places. I don't want a toasted bagel with a package of cream cheese, I want it toasted and slathered in the stuff, ready to eat. Suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried Eppy's Deli at 224 E. Ontario? I've been there for lunch but noticed they have a good selection of fresh bagels too. It's the most authentic deli near Michigan Avenue so it's probably a good bet.

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      Good call, a bit out of the way, but I love the sandwiches there and just recalled that they have bagels, too!