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Mar 27, 2007 07:20 AM

[Hudson, MA] Harvest Cafe's new location

It is indeed going into the spot by McDonald's on Washington St. that was formerly occupied by a Keno and pool bar. Harvest Cafe signage is up and it says coming soon.

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  1. Thanks for the update! That's great news - I thought they were gone for good.

    Now if only Chloe would open back up for lunch...

    1. We saw the sign yesterday while driving through downtown Hudson.

      What type of place is it? Never been while it was up on Main Street.

      There are too many empty storefronts now due to high rents. Glad they found a place to relocate.

      1. This is great news! My sister (who lives in Hudson) thought it was gone for good, and will be overjoyed that they moved to a larger, closer location.

        They'll have more room to host musical guests in this new location, and I hope it gets enough traffic.

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        1. re: Keithel

          I would think being next to McDonald's would be a high traffic area. Heck, they need a traffic cop there on the weekends. Also, lots of people driving by to get to Hannaford, Walmart, and 495. Good call about the performance area. It should be great, if it's sufficiently updated inside.

          It's a coffee house, bagel shop, cafe-type place. It's just what Hudson needs so I'm glad it's coming back.

          1. re: Joshua B

            IIRC there isn't parking quite as close as they had before (granted, it isn't too far away), but they may miss-out on people that stop for 5mins to order their coffee and bagel to-go on their way to work that they may have had at the old location.

            Then again, those folks might just park at the McDonald's and walk over :) -- ssssh - don't tell McDs!

        2. Anyone know when it's going to open? I was a regular and I miss it quite a bit!

          1. I hope its better in its new location. I thought the place was kind of expensive considering they served food on paper plates and the fact that it was somewhat self service. I wasn't all that impressed wiht the food either. However, I'll give it another try when they open their doors again.

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            1. re: uncle rico

              I kind of agree. But it is another option and the live music in a quiet, listening room is a good thing.

              After eating there several times, I got the impression that the counter staff also anticipated being able to say, "We're out of that" or "we don't have any left." The vibe of the staff just isn't as friendly as you'd hope for in a place that is trying to cater to the community. When you go in a place called "Harvest Cafe," you want to have a warm, friendly feeling. If they can achieve that, they should do well.