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Mar 27, 2007 07:13 AM

Looking for great custard Eclairs in Brooklyn

Would like custard eclairs with dark chocolate topping. is there a great custard eclair in Brooklyn? If not, where should I go. I know Payard has great one's, but it's a trek from Brooklyn. Thanks

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  1. I don't know if these places have them topped with dark chocolate, but I would try:
    Monteleone Cammareri's, at Court and President
    Alba's 18th Ave Pastry Shop 7001 18th Ave (currently closed for renovations, but supposed to reopen soon)
    alternatively, Villabate's, 7117 18th Ave.

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    1. re: sunsetpark

      Try Provence En Boite on Smith. Maybe Almandine in Dumbo.

    2. Check out Marquet Patisserie on Court & Warren. It's been a while since I've had one, but I THINK theirs are topped with dark chocolate. Just remember they're good.