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British Style Fish & Chips :(

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My new friend Ali is the owner of British Style Fish & Chips and the man who you have come to know as the one who makes a consistently delicious meal. I went in for lunch yesterday, as I hadn't visited for a while, and was telling Ali about the posts here on the "Best Fish & Chips in the GTA?" thread. He was thrilled by the positive responses from everyone at Chowhound.
But then he said the news couldn't have come at a worse time for him - yesterday was his last day as proprieter, he sold the business to spend time with his family! (He and his girlfriend just welcomed a baby girl and are expecting another baby in a few months.)
But alas, dear Chowhounds, he plans to open another shop along the Danforth (near Coxwell) some time in the next while. If I hear from him about this new venture, I will be sure to post it.

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  1. That's too bad, Ali is a nice guy for sure... always very friendly when we've been there. I must say that I have been a bit disappointed with their fish of late though, the pieces are still huge but I've found the batter to be a bit too thick/dry. Could just be from the drive back to my house (ie. the fish gets too steamy from being wrapped up) but who knows. Best of luck to him in the future.

    1. Oh no! And just after you guys pointed me to it, too. Here's hoping that the new owners know their stuff just as well!

      1. I've seen a sign for a new f&c shop on the Danforth near Coxwell - Captain John's or something - retro looking sign that fits right in on that block. If that's not Ali's place then he has some competition.

        Either way my DH will eat F&C twice a day if I let him so I expect to try it as soon as it opens.

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          Captain John's is not a dedicated fish & chips store. They have a lot of standard Greek-style stuff on the menu and a lot of people drinking beer. :) Maybe their fish and chips is amazing, I haven't been in to try because I don't like going for fish and chips to places that advertise fish and chips and then serve fish and chips, souvlaki, hamburgers...

        2. I visited British Style Fish and Chips last night. The new owner is a long time employee of the shop. He assured me he didn't tamper at all with the recipe. Yup, it was as good as ever. They are open until nine most nights. Their number is 416 698 7778.


          1. I was wondering if it had changed hands...

            We went and I have to say, it was no where near as good as it had been. Maybe we just hit the new people on a bad day?

            1. OK...I haven't been to British Fish&Chips since the new ownership and would like to get an update about how the fish and chips is nowadays? I liked their fish and chips, but always griped every time I had to pay over $10 for a take out order. :( It hurt me every time, but at least when you paid more than $10 bucks it didn't suck like CHIPPY's. LOL

              That's why I'll always be a devoted customer to both Woodgreen Fish&Chips (Queen/east of Broadview) and Parkside Fish and Chips (Gerrard/on west side of Greenwood Ave.) in the east end of Toronto. However, if I had to leave my local east end, the only place I'd travel regularly to is Harbord Fish&Chips on Harbord Street between Spadina and Bathurst.

              2 new Fish and Chips places I'll be checking out soon are Somethin's Fishy in Kensington Market on Augusta Avenue and Deep Blue (Broadview/Danforth) just because I'm always in search of PERFECTION!!! ;)

              Any news yet about Ali's new shop around the Coxwell and Danforth area???

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                I went to British Style two weekends ago, I believe it was, and it was somewhat disappointing. The pieces of fish looked huge and delicious, but they ended up being deceiving: small, thin sheets of fish doused liberally in way too much batter.

                The fries were decent and the taste of the fish was pretty good, but not up to the quality of when Ali owned the place.

                Is Parkside good? I live just a tiny jaunt from it but haven't yet been. I really should make a point of checking it out.

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                  Parkside is very good fish and chips. Two thumbs up!!! :)