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Mar 27, 2007 07:08 AM

I always go to New Green Bo

Tonight, I'd like to try someplace new. We don't eat seafood, really like New Green Bo's dumplings, pancakes. Is there a better place we're missing out on in Chinatown thats similar in style to NGB?

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  1. its really cliche to say this, but joes shanghai on pell street is the OG of soup dumplings in ctown. other places have served it forever, but they were the first guys to really nail the dish. i know youre not into seafood, but i implore you to try their crab meat soup dumplings. it adds that little something that makes joe's pure magic. their other dishes are usually good too. in my mind, the long lines outside say the most about their overall quality.

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    1. re: fun_seanny

      I agree with soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai, but I actually thought the rest of the menu was kinda crap. Pretty bland stuff. I've been reading the other soup dumpling thread here recently, and quite a number of people were putting in votes for Shanghai Cafe's soup dumplings. I'll have to check those out.

      1. re: janethepain

        I agree too about the soup dumplings. I've had some decent noodle dishes there too, but it's been several years. Also try Shanghai Yeah, tho I have also not been there lately. Maybe Noodletown for some great wonton noodle soups, roasted duck etc. (do a search, there's tons on the place).

        1. re: prunefeet

          You mean New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe. And there's plenty of good stuff there that's not seafood. (Well, good for New York; in Shanghai, it would be very disappointing, but we're not in Shanghai.)

    2. Try Shanghai Cafe on Mott St (btwn Canal & Hester)...very similar to NGB.

      1. I got my Chinatown start across the street at Moonhouse and didn't even notice New Green Bo until I had read a few reviews and went to go try the place. The soup dumplings aren't as good, but the fried tiny buns and pork dishes are spectacular.