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Mar 27, 2007 07:05 AM

Pequena or Smoke Joint??

I'll be going to see 12th Night on Saturday night, at BAM. After perusing the boards for recommendations, I've narrowed it down to 2 choices: The Smoke Joint or Pequena.
Here are my questions:
Does the Smoke Joint serve Alcohol?
Is Pequena so "pequena" that We'll have to wait for a table, and therefore be rushed to make a 7:30 Curtain (I'd like to be at the theatre no later than 7:15) ?
Thanks in advance--

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  1. Smoke Joint has beer and maybe wine

    1. After harshing on Smoke Joint, I recently went back, and it seems their "inconsistencies" are a thing of the past. I'd gladly recommend them. (Don't think they have wine, only (good) beers). Don't know about Pequena.

      1. i was very disappointed by smoke joint. i havent returned so i cant say they cleaned up their act but id hesitate to say its much better than...gasp...biscuit bbq.

        1. I was very disappointed after my visit to Pequena. Yes, so pequena that you may have to wait for a table (esp if it is a nice day!). I have not been to smoke joint so i cant compare the sizes. but i went to pequena based on a review i saw from Brooklyn Record. my experience was: almost undrinkable margaritas (way too sour - and yes i know they are supposed to be sour but man..not so you have to make a funny face each time you take a sip!). and the food was not cooked properly (some undercooked, some overcooked). service was poor as well. that being said, i know this is a very popular neighborhood spot so they must be doing something right. maybe it was just an off night when i went. in theory things seem tasty tho - black bean and plaintain quesadilla...mmm

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            The last we went to Pequena we were served a pitcher of lime juice instead of margarita! We struggled with it gamely for a couple of minutes before deciding this cannot be right. When we called over the waitress she didn't seem shocked at all - obviously wasn't the first time she'd encountered it. The free pitcher that followed eased any stomach ache from the straight lime juice imbibed earlier, lol!

          2. i'd say to go with smoke joint. the reviews are definitely mixed, but the people who love smoke joint seem to really love smoke joint. i dont know anyone who loves pequena. pequena is "ok" to "good" at best.

            both places are casual. smoke joint serves good beer (no booze). pequena, i believe, has a full bar, or at least tequila (margaritas).